Sunday, November 29, 2009

She-Sells ~ Peek a boo on our latest project.

Apart of the things that contribute to my M-I-A recently in blogosphere.
Visit for detail update.

Hi babes,

Raya was fun right? Hehee. At least for me. Hehe.

Oh, I haven't update my weight meter reading for quite a long time already right? Ermm actually the meter has been stagnant for quite some times already. Though I hit the gym quite often but I still eat like a monster. Hehe.

Anyway, doesn't matter. At least I keep myself fit and healthy right? right? Ok mengaku tu kata-kata sedapkan hati.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I belum tengok Pisau Cukur. Now you believe me when I said I'm busy right?

Hi Guys!

I know I abandon this blog for quite some times already but I am seriously extremely busy right now.

Oh I miss yew too sweetie.
I know you are tired with me and my lame busy excuses but bear with me ok?

In the mean time, check out my sales blog so that you wont miss me much.
I've got lots of new stock coming in and more to come.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Something that makes me smile..

The other day, while I was waiting for the husband to pick me up, an English man passed me and suddenly his phone rang..

"Assalamualaikum....... Atuk.... ooooo Atuk...."

......and it is Upin & Ipin's voice!

How multi-cultural is that?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Blogging through phone

Ok. I am trying to post an entry using my phone. hope it works~!

P/S: not using iPhone eh.. hehe.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Something you always have to remember

Remember earlier when I told you about my mini business???

Finally i had the time to complete it in online form. Yeah babeh!

So please click and surf your way to shopping heaven. haha.

Special promotion : Introduce yourself as my blog reader and you will entitle to a special discount. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wishlist 1- I'm Soo Gonna Have This!~ iPhone

Since Christmas is around the corner, I think I should start developing my wishlist now.

I know it sounds poyo to the max but I still want to.

Chea.. apehal ntah padahal raya haji pun belom lepas..

Buttttt... since we do not celebrate Christmas so most of my wishlist have to come from my own pocket money la kan..

Andd dah namanya pun OWN pocket money.. dah tentula not all my wish will come true.. (T_T). Dear God, I've been kind the whole year.. Can you please make me step on RM10k on my way back today? Please.....

As if!

Bee Tee Double You (macam kata Adibah Noor dalam Cuci The Musical), my top and foremost priority will be this baby..

My own iPhone!

I know dah ketinggalan zaman orang dah puas guna I belum pakai lagi but hey who cares! Lagipun I wasn't interested in iphone previously because:-
  1. I don't want to change to Maxis. Maxis is freaking expensive. And I am a cheapskate when it comes to any tele-comunication service in Malaysia because it is all sucks. Oh I hate Celcom the most.
  2. I am not working with Multi-national or government related oil and gas company that gives a freaking 5 months bonus on top of high monthly salary. So, to burn few thousands on an item which I use for call/sms only is a BIG waste of money. And my current phone is not so old anyway and I got it for free. (Cheapskate again)
  3. I don't have a rich father that can buy the freaking phone for me or clear my credit card debt or buy me Channel Handbag from London. Nor do I married a guy yang bapak dia kaya raya (but he is doing all he can on his own now and I am so proud of him!)
  4. I tak join MLM pastu dapat duit beribu-ribu tunjuk kat blog. Okey tu lawak semata-mata. Jangan ambil serious. Sendiri pun nak beli iPhone bagitau seluruh dunia.
Kesimpulanye takde duit dan kedekut la senang cakap. Bagi alasan panjang lebar haktuih! Padahal nak beli iPhone je pun.. hehe. Alasan nombor 1 tu je yang benar-benar sebabnye. :)
Anyway, since my current phone baru-baru ni speaker rosak sebab jatuh so mula la gatal nak beli phone baru padahal repair tak sampai seratus pun. Then, my BFF is using iPhone and the games are freaking addictive!! And... she is going to US this coming December so I thought, what the hell beli je la walaupun 10 hari 10 malam jugak tukar2 fikiran sebab mahal weh. Okey cheapskate saya mengaku.
Jadi, harap-harap angin kedekut tu hilang sebab hari ni nak tukar duit USD pastu pass kat dia so no turning back. haha.
Poyo tak benda ni pun nak bagitau? :)

On Something (Not Quite) Recent

Ms Devil is now officially known as MRS. Devil.
Congratulation dear!

Note: I am still recovering from my hectic days. Will really blog later. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

My hectic days are almost over....

Hope I can blog again as soon as possible.

I miss yew..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Khas buat pembaca tegar

Ucapan maaf tak terhingga pada pembaca tegar yang boleh baca je tapi takleh nak komen. (you know who you are).
Nasib jugakla tak boleh komen, kalau tak tentu tak cukup dengan harassment depan muka malah maki hamun aku dalam blog tiap-tiap hari suruh update. Haha. I lap yew anyway. :)

Tapi...... aku bukan sengaja. Memang busy sangat weh seminggu dua ni. Gambar kat Facebook pun tak berupdate nasib baik ada Sapik yang rajin update walau picture tak kualiti. Haha. Last2 dia gila kuasa sampai update gambar kamera aku sekali kat page dia. Oh, I lap yew too Sapik kalau tak aku sorang je la yang tengok picture aku.

Okeylah nak sambung kerja. Update semata-mata untuk tak menghampakan si pembaca tegar itu.

P/S: Kalau yang lain-lain tak paham maaf sebab entry ini khas untuk pembaca tegar yang sorang tu..