Monday, December 3, 2012

Pregnant Mother's Dilemma : 2012 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

I am sitting here alone at Singapore War Memorial Monument as I write this piece while waiting for my husband, sister, brother in law, and friends finishing their 10km run. I could have been running together with them, in fact, I am the one who initiate the registration because we missed Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon early this year, but God knows best, He gave me something more precious to be with.

Prior of knowing that I am pregnant, me and my husband have been trying to conceive for more than 1 year but never got lucky. Every plan we made for the past 1 year plus had been with the assumption of "what if I got pregnant".. So as you guess, we planned for nothing. No "air asia" tickets purchased, no "next year big plan" or whatsoever.

Until one day, I got tired and stop thinking about conceiving. So I started running and register myself to all the big runs.

I never run before. Last year if u had ask me to run a 10km, I would say I can't even walk 2km. Haha. That's the truth. Although I was quite active in my teenage years, but I've been spoilt so badly since I started working that I cannot even climb 2 floors without grasping desperately for air. Hehe.

So my 1st fun run was TM Fan Run earlier this year. It was a 3km run and boy it feels good! I was quite amazed that I can actually finished the run and I was actually running instead of walking! Then i started following my friends to other runs (at some point, I even became a ghost runner because the registration had closed and I desperately wanted to run!) but 5km is the only distance that I was comfortable with at that time.

After some point, I think I have to upgrade. I can easily run a 5km, why not try the 10km? So I started to register and train for them. Lucky I have a supportive husband who would run together with me at my pace (although I know he can easily ditch me). I am having so much fun and keep craving for more until 10km seems possible for me. The joy of'll never know until u started.

But as I said, God has better plan. 1 week before my 1st competitive 10km run, I found out that I am pregnant and been advised by the doctor not to run a 10km since the baby is quite fragile. I know that there's nothing wrong with running while pregnant but one sentence from the doctor lingers in my mind and make me think twice before proceed with it, "you have waited 5years (my 1st born will be 5 soon) for this baby, and trying hard 1 year plus for it, do you really want to risk it because of a run?" and yes I agree. I am not the kind that decided to get pregnant one day and get pregnant the next month! (irregular women's cycle problem. You don't need to know)

As much and I know (I googled a lot and ask several professional advise) that running doesn't affect pregnancy, but I decided not to run because I own my body. I took a step back and think what is it that that makes me wanna run so badly? The fun and medals (vain of course) and challenging myself to be better? And I have a lot more years to come for me to do that (with God's willing). With that, competitive running become "immaterial" compared the the gift that I am risking with.

But if you ask, yes! I will keep on walking 5km-10km (very slowly) until the day I give birth. (walking is good for pregnant mother, you know?) After that, BRING IT ON BEBEH!

Friday, November 30, 2012

NYX haul at Sephora KLCC

So, as much as I promised myself not to shop because I'll be going to Singapore tomorrow, I couldn't help it but to grab myself some wonderful products from NYX today. But it's okey, i have managed to justify the purchase I made to myself that i NEED those make ups, not just WANT them.

Okey hear me out, although I have a few palates of eyeshadows with hundreds of colors that might last until my daughter turns 16, but the one thing that I don't have is a travel size eyeshadow with a various nude & natural colors for office use. (those travel size with other colors don't count, okey?) So it make sense that I NEED to buy this pretty "nude on nude" eyeshadow from NYX and bonus I also get 2 lip colors! Awesome buy right? And it only cost me RM49! *flips hair*

Then blusher, come on.. Those cuties for only RM26? and to be fair, I don't have any blusher in that shade yet. It looks good on my skin color, I swear!

And because I spent RM50 & above on NYX products, I get a free lip gloss. Awesome stuff i tell u.

The brushes? Well, just think of it as an investment. You wanna look good get yourself a decent brushes and u may want to invest in a travel set as well. And for the cost of RM39, it's well worth.

So, what do you think? I NEED those, right?;p

Thursday, November 29, 2012

14 weeks happy!


As the title suggest, yes! I am 14 weeks pregnant. (big grin)

My 2nd pregnancy after nearly 5 years. Everything seems new! I forgotten how miserable and fat I felt the 1st time. It's all coming back now.

When I was pregnant with Rania, I post every single thing in this blog (now safely saved for my own eyes only). Not sure whether I can still do the same this time. Whatever it is, I'll try my best to at least jot down something every trimester.

So, I am entering my 2nd trimester already. Relieved that the annoying stage is over. Had a mild sickness this time compared to the 1st, none at all! Can only eat rice and ikan goreng. Ulam only fancy vege is not allowed. No cake, no other craving but rice all the way.

Nonetheless, successfully gained 3kg thanks to the rice. Looking fat rather than pregnant at this stage. Blaming all on hormones! Hehe. I am allowed to right?

I was 13 weeks pregnant when the photo was taken. My tummy is showing a bit early this time. They say it's normal to show early for 2nd pregnancy. (and my ready buncit tummy help a lot) hehe.

So far, no mc yet. Although very lazy (normal) but not dragging myself to work. Not like the 1st time when I took a whole month unpaid leave. Such a drama that time. Haha.

Okey, will update more later. Tired. Hormone. Haha
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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apps Used : Blog Booster

So, the name of this apps is blog booster and they have the catchy-est line ever! 'walk while you blog' haha. I am laughing because most of the time, I literally walking while I blogged.

So far I love it. Easy to use and to attached picture most importantly. I tried blogger apps and it sucks big time! Blogpress is nice but have to buy now and me cheapskate one. Hehe.

I am now actually downloading songs for my running playlist and got bored, hence the update. Anyway, do you have any favorite song that you like to hear while running? Share with me! My current will be Titanium by David Gueta.

Okeylah. Gotta go sleep. Long day tomorrow and i am planning for 10km run in the evening at the park. Good night

My lemang achievement today. (T_T)
My "lemang" achievement for today (T_T)
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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Testing the new apps

Hello guys! I am waiting for a friend to attend our company's raya celebration. A solid half an hour already. Huh. Got nothing better to do so I browsed app store and found this new apps for blogger. So here's an update. How's your raya so far? I've successfully gained 2kg. 😭😭 now searching for mood keep me back on track with all those healthy lifestyle. We shall see. Anyway, going off now. Friend's finally here. See u! Family picture for raya2012 BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Famous Mirror

Just recently, my friend joined my company (guess who submitted her resume?), so I now got a new partner in crime!

So the 1st thing that I introduced to her was none other than the "famous full length mirror in the restroom" haha. So now I will have a partner in my ootd picture. :p

What I wore: A loose top turns peplum with belt, cotton scarf by Minty Scarves

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Small Project : Kevin Zahri's Jom Kurus Seminar

So, my friend whatsapp me earlier today mentioning about a little project hosted by Puanbee especially for bloggers to join Kevin Zahri's Health Talk at Prince Court Medical Centre this 8th of July.

Being a good friend (like I always do) to Nadot, my morbidly obese friend (self-proclaimed okey? LOL), i decided to participate in this special project so that I can go together with her and at the same time support her. (mana tau tiba-tiba dia terbuka hati nak kurus lepas dengar talk from Kevin Zahri yg hotness tu). And also because I am recently trying to lose weight in a healthy way, i think Kevin is the right person to guide me how to.

Anyway, I was 10kg above my ideal weight last year and I don't really mind about it until one day I have no more pants to wear and the only place that I went shopping were Dorothy Perkins and some other European brand (because they cater big sizes) which as you know it, crazy expensive! And everything that I put in does not look good! So, I decided (really this time) to put down some weight but of course in a healthy way, starting with eating habit.

See, I think the main reason most Malaysian are overweight are because of our eating habits. And with all the good foods that we have, who can resist right? Nasi lemak for breakfast, nasi campur for lunch and dinner, teh tarik and roti canai for supper. Open houses and kenduri-s on weekends, not to mention pisang goreng for tea time.. super sinfully delicious! Not that we cannot eat all that, but sometimes we tend to over eat it. Don't you agree? Well, at least I do.

That is why it is so important to me to be in the seminar.. (hopefully get chosen. Hehe) Maybe I can share it here later. For those who would like to join this talk, you may click here for more details on how to participate for free!

Okey, gotta go. Have to run (literally) already late for work. Chow!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Italian Herb's Dory with Yogurt and Broccoli sauce


I'm back! Go wipe your saliva. As promised, here is one of the recipe of the dishes that I cooked some times ago.

Italian Herb's Dory with Yogurt and Broccoli sauce 

(1) For Dory
Dory Fillets
Olive Oil
Italian's Herb (you can get this at Tesco or you can mix Oregano, Basil, and Thyme for alternative)
Black Paper
(2) For the sauce
Yogurt (original fat free)
Lime Juice (Half a lemon)
Olive Oil
Cheddar cheese

Step 1: The Fillet

Clean your dory fillets and mix together all ingredient no 1. You may marinate it for few hours if you wish or you can simply baked in the oven right after you mix it all. 

Working Mum tips #1 : 
I normally prepared my fish upfront, pack it nicely and leave it in the freezer overnight. The next morning, I transferred the fish to the fridge before I go to work. Not only it will be full of flavors from the marinating process, it also will be soft by the time I get home and I have 1 less thing to worry about. Even if I'm stuck at the office, the husband can baked the fish himself and don't have to wait for me. Get it? 

Step 2 : The Sauce

Boil (or saute, or leave it raw if you like) the broccoli and carrots with a pinch of salt until soft. Then throw the veges (leave half of the vegetable for side), in a blender together with yogurt, olives oil, lime juice, and blend. Done. No cooking required.

Step 3 : The Side & Garnish

Set up the table, arrange your dishes in a plate and don't forget to garnish it with chili flakes, salt and paper. 

Easy? Go try it.

P/S: I blend the vegetables together with yogurt because I had a hard time to make my daughter eat vegetables. So I thought maybe if I make it invisible she'll eat and yes, she loved it!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We are trying to eat healthy now.

No joke.

By eating healthy means we try our best to control the nutrient and the calories that we take. Of course it will not always be "perfectly healthy". Come on! But it is better that what we used to eat.

It stared early this year when I tried to slim down a bit but I couldn't accept the fact that I have to starve myself. Exercising is another option but for lazy person like me, it doesn't sound like an option. Hehe.

1st step is, we have to stop dining out because we cannot control what they put in the dishes. So I have to try cooking at home and being a working mom, you already had an idea how busy life is and to cook at home...well, not that we cannot do it but face it, the earliest that we can get off the office is by 5pm or for some people is 6pm. Driving all the way home will take you at least 1 hour, another hour to prepare and clean up before you can eat. That means 3 non-stop hours before you can finally stop and relax. Imagine if we get off the office at 7pm or 8pm? Dine out will be much easier, right? Some of you might nod while reading this. hehe.

Whatever. A women gotta do what she gotta do (to be skinny) right? I tried and being inspired by Jamie Oliver's 30 minutes meal tv show, I succeed in cooking every single day (except when we have things to outside or mum is cooking something so nice we couldn't ignore the call). Talk about achievement.

So, I have this mini album in my facebook showing off all my "masterchef" skills and because I am nice..... heheh.. I am planning to share the recipe here. 1st thing, don't judge. If it suits you, follow. If it's don't, stay away. And please note that everything that I cook takes less than 30 minutes. Easy huh?

My 1st recipe is............

Next post lah. Too long already. And of course I want to keep you coming back for more! :p
I'll give you a hint. Go drool and come back tomorrow for the recipe. hehe.

Monday, June 18, 2012

TM Fan Run for 2012 Olympic Games ~ A great bonding Sunday

I have soft spot in anything relates to Malaysia. So when I heard that they were organizing a fun run in support of Malaysia's olympic team, I quickly submit my registration.

This time, only 3km run for me. This is not my 1st fun run tho, my 1st run was loooong ago in 1997! Talk about ancient history.

I spread around the news and quickly gathered a team to run together with me. Most of my friends are already on top of the game (they ran half and full marathon!) so having them around as support is a blessing! I asked my sister, nephew and hubby to tag along as well. Oh well, good things will be more meaningful when we share it, right?

Nephew,Sister,Me and the husband after the run
Gedik gedik before all get wet

The boys

3km clan and serious haze

It was 7.30am when we were at Dataran Merdeka and the park was already full with the supporters. The weather was nice (except for serious haze since it's been a week since the last pour in KL) and the spirit was really awesome. But it was raining when we were few hundreds meters away from the finishing line. We finished the run in style and all wet! Haha.
Sea of people and haze

Before the run all excited

I clocked around 25mins together with my sister at the end of the 3km run (i think). Put the blame on the heavy rain! It makes our soaked attire heavy, making our steps slower. Not to mention the wet shoes & we're freezing! Even fishes can swim in our shoes! But it was fun though. It's been ages since we run freely under the pouring rain. Super happy.

Our next aim is to run half marathon and eventually a marathon in future. Sure it'll take hard work and practices. We'll be there. In the mean time.. Fun run it is!

Notes: You can only said you have run a marathon when you have run a long-distance running race, strictly one of 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195 km).

Sunday, April 22, 2012


My friend ask me to update.

So, hello!

With all the technology around me, it's a big lie if I say I didn't update much often is because I am busy, or I got nothing interesting to share.
Truth is, I just don't feel like writing. I would like to keep this blog alive just as much as you do, believe me. But.. Let see la ye?

P/S: My daughter turns 4 next week. How time flies huh? I started blogging long before I got pregnant or even married!