Sunday, June 22, 2014

Saigon : Trung Nguyen Coffee

If you haven't know yet, Vietnam is the 2nd largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil and also if you haven't know yet, coffee is so happen to be my staple food. I can survive with no food but never without a cup of coffee.  So you can imagine how exited I was planning for this trip.

While doing the research, I found out that they have a few famous local coffee joint but Trung Nguyen Coffee and Highland Coffee were the famous one and they sure are. Their cafes were all over Saigon!

Anyway, there's a story behind this. It took 30mins taxi ride from the airport to the hotel and along the way, we could see so many Trung Nguyen Coffee joints all over the place! Exited, once we were done freshen up, we went straight for a stroll with a main mission, to have a drink at none other than Trung Nguyen.

But don't know what happened we couldn't find any Trung Nguyen Coffee even after a looooong walk! Turns out we keep on turning at the wrong side. LOL. This one that we went to was so far away from our hotel but actually there is one just around the corner.

This Trung Nguyen is like our Old Town White Coffee in Malaysia. They are everywhere!

His Drink. Can't remember the name anymore. But it tasted OK.

Mine. I like my coffee black and hot. But in Vietnam, their specialty is ice milk coffee and it tasted so good!!!!

Me looking at you, looking at me

Anyway, you can can also get the Iced Coffee for USD1 on the street rather than have a drink at their cafe. Much more cheaper and the taste is similar. They sell it at the back of their motorcycle and it took only a few minutes for them to make one for you since the coffee was brewed earlier. I swear I drank so many cups of iced coffee that my pee started to smell like one. err...

When you're in Vietnam, make sure you give it a try.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#ootd : Nichii

I gave up on Nichii in 2011. I was quite disappointed with the quality of the materials, tailoring and also the cheap-like design that they had tho once I was their loyal buyer. Since then, I never set a foot in their store, ever.

It was a few months back that I saw they now have a nice colors and design in store but I still haven't recovered from the "heartbreak" lol. Then my sister did say something about how nice their collections are now but I still don't believe it. Then I saw Vivy promoting Nichii on IG. Turns out Nichii is one of the brand who's using FV as their online platform. Stillllll... I was sceptical. Well, it's Vivy anyway. Give her a rice sack also she can turn it into some nice expensive looking couture!

But, few weeks ago I finally decided to check out their store with my sister and oh boy their collections now are very nice with an affordable price tag of course. I am loving all their latest season pattern & colors also design! Had a hard time choosing which so end up grabbing 3 although I make a vow not to shop for clothes anymore (I make that promise a lot, don't I?). What I love about them are how nicely fitted the blouse is to my body. I always have a problem where the length of the sleeves are too long compared to my short arm (T_T) but not Nichii (so far)

Anyway, here's one of it. I pair the top with an electric blue pants and a white heels. My usual personal photog was on MC that day, but the top was too beautiful to waste so I decided to take a mirror selfie. Hehe sorry about that.

Anyway, check out Nichii if you haven't yet.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Saigon : District 1 ~ The Stroll and Sidewalk Shops

Honestly, we are not much of a traveller (read here why) but when we do, we love to do it by foot. Husband's favourite when it comes to travelling is a local map and walking aimlessly seeking for a unique local gems (especially food) that will later brings such memories. Forget about normal tourist spot, that doesn't excite him. (Me tho will be happy anywhere I can shop, teheee)

So after we were done checking in and freshen up, we took a walk from the hotel and just strolling in search of their local coffee joint (more about it later). Found a lot of nice buildings and shops around district 1 and took a lot of selfie in between.

One of the nice local shop

I am quite impressed with Saigon to be honest. They don't have so many large upscale buildings like we do but the store and shops are quite updated (local and international brand) and they do have a lot of nicely decorated shops and cafes. Sadly most of them are not halal friendly so we just took a peek from the window. 

There are also a lot of bars and cafes (too tired to take photos after walking like forever, haha) and their town area are quite happening too. Too bad we did not go there as we're busy shopping for a tailor-made suits (again will tell you in a different post) and I had (still have) a chronic back pain I can't really take long distance walking.

To travel around Saigon, you have to take taxi or bus. The other option is to ride behind a scooter or rent one. But oh boy you should see their traffic it was like all the scooters in the world are in Saigon.
Here's some photos we took during one of our road crossing.

Anyway, here's another random photos that we took at random places.

Book Juice
We found this small cafe when we were wandering around aimlessly on a scorching hot afternoon. We were looking for a halal eating place but found this juice cafe instead. Ordered one of their hot selling stuff (can't remember the name anymore) and it was really nice and refreshing.

Christian Louboutin by the street. So chill la this Saigon
Nice sidewalk cafe. Wanted to stop for a drink but we need aircond haha

Local brand

Another one

Everywhere I go I met you. hehehe.

This store sell alligator shoes and bag. I can just browse, not dare to touch. haha

This is one of their local cafe. We wanted to have a drink after cheking out while waiting to go to the airport but then we got lost and couldn't find the cafe! too bad. The smell was so amazing!
Anyway, will blog more about Saigon (if time permit) later. Honestly, I go so many things to share. Saigon is really one nice beautiful city.