Monday, July 29, 2013

The Happy Box : Louis Vuitton Speedy Bandouliere 30 in Monogram

My story with Louis Vuitton goes all the way back.

Those who friend me on facebook or instagram know that I kid with my husband A LOT! Most of the time, it includes the two letter word "LV". In every status that I tagged him, I'll make sure the letters appear each time. Haha. Such a headache to be my husband, no?

Tho that was the case but believe it or not, I bought my 1st Louis Vuitton using my own pocket money. I was trying to lose weight that time and I promise myself to buy one if I ever reach my target. And I did. It was a Neverful MM in Damier Ebene. I tought I'll be done for good after the purchase but boy... little that I know, it creates addiction deep inside. A very "wallet damaging" addiction. LOL.

So my advise. Don't start! Haha

Anyway, on my birthday last January, my husband brought me to KLCC and to my surprise lead me to the LV store. Awwww. What do I do to deserve him I don't know. I'm a lousy wife. I told you guys so many times. It means a lot you know because this my self-damaging addiction and I definately don't want him to splurge his hard earn money on this. Plus, he (like any other sane guy) told me a gazillionth of times that the bag is way overpriced for a canvas bag! "But it's an LV...." I would reply complete with my "puss in the boots eyes" hehe.

I was about to take it but I couldn't let myself. So I told him that it's okey.. Save the money for the new baby (I was 4 month pregnant at that time) and just give me a nice dinner instead. ( the snob sales assistant play a big part too. Hate it when they treat us like we don't deserve. You ain't get any commision from me you don't. Not with that attitude!)

5 months later, after enduring labor pain, episiotomy, engorgement, and sore nipple i figure what the hell, if you wanna give me I'll take it! Haha.

My initial target was only Speedy. Tho I know Speedy B will be more practical but we will have to add another 1k just for the strap. Since I already have Neverful for practicality, I have no issue with the short top handle that Speedy has. But my husband insisted me to get the Bandouliere. Well it's your money honey who am I to object. LOL. I was also going to get it in 35 initially but the SA assure me that 30 looks better with my frame.

So here I am smiling until my cheeks hurts and he's out by few thousands of bucks. Haha. Takpe sayang manjakan isteri dapat banyak pahala tau. ;p

I love the bag! It's classy, squishy, roomy and everything. But since I'm a desperate housewife for the moment, the bag's safely getting tanned everyday on top of my bed.

Sayang, if you're reading this. Thank you so much for the gift. For loving me this much. I have nothing to offer you other than pray that Allah will grant you jannah for being such a great husband to me.

P/S: The Speedy Bandouliere price increase in February 13 making the bag RM500 more expensive than before. We could save up the 500 if we bought it on my birthday! So next time if you have money don't wait just buy because the price keep on increasing every year! (Good investment huh? Hehe)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Motherhood (times 2)

I have a confession to make.

When we had Rania 5 years back, we had a maid from the very 1st day. So, I don't have much experience with newborn. In fact, I don't remember anything about how to take are of newborn! The maid and my mum handled Rania during my 2 months maternity leaves and I was so busy... well, being depressed. It was not until Rania was around 3 months old that I can finally accept the fact that I have a daughter and developed a strong feeling towards her. Before that.. She was just a little baby and I have very little memories of how was it feels during the first 3 months.

Different story with this one currently!

Imaan is so attached to me that it is impossible for me to do anything! When she cried, nobody can calm her even my mother give up. That's huge you know because my mother is so good with babies. She can only sleep if i craddle her. She is so clingy that she always wanting to be held. By me! I experience the whole motherhood feelings (the beauty and the ugly) times two with Imaan.

Allah itu maha adil kan?

Anyway, me with my endless "3 months leaves" plan went kaput because this time around we don't have any help and it's ramadhan. So there's no manicure or saloon session I dream about. Forget about spa session as the longest time I had a relationship with my bathroom is 5 minutes. (T_T). Shopping? I don't even have time to be in front of the computer. When Imaan was asleep, I was so busy..umm sleeping as well!

So yesterday, we planned for a bit of raya shopping plus fancy iftar. Since no one is available to babysit Imaan, we brought her along together with Rania and ohhh boy it was so tiring! She refuses to sit on the stroller and crying when we tried to baby-wear her. And she did not sleep like OMG Imaan 2 months old usually sleep all the time why you no sleep??? Pffttt! Also Rania, being a 5 years old was so busy playing with a balloon and running here and there in the the huge Midvalley crowd. I was so scared that she might get lost somewhere or being taken by a stranger. Pengsan I tell you! In the end no baju raya or whatsoever for them because really.. I can't function like that. But of course mummy managed to grab a shoe and 3 tops from MNG (OMG they're having a huge sale!). Hehehe. Mummy has a PHD in grabbing her own things and pay for less than 5 minutes. Hehe.

So the conclusion? No more outing with them both after this. No more.

My outfit of the day:
Peplum kurung top that I paired with my faithful blue jegging. Bag from Kate Spade and shoes from Jelly Bunny. Plain Green Tea hijab from Artsy Attic. Imaan as accessory.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Designer Diaper Bag, perhaps?

During Rania's times, I don't really bother to have a diaper bag. Well, we used to have one.. I think it's a bag with so many compartments that I use it as a diaper bag. It's purple in color and the material is some cheap PU. But most of the time, I just throw all Rania's stuff into my handbag and we're good to go.

Well, not anymore.

There's no way now that I'm gonna throw Imaan stuff inside my babies. I did it once and I swear my body was sweating and I cringe every time I walk so no no no.

Anyway, earlier I thought of using my Le Pliage bag as a diaper bag for the fact that they do have waterproof interiors and it's roomy not to forget they're durable too. I'm not worried about pockets, I could just place a bag organizer inside and I could find a changing pad on its own. I'm almost 100% certain I'm going to use it instead of buying something new (explains why only now I'm in a hunt for a diaper bag) but then I was hooked when I went online googling about diaper bag and I found this Kate Spade Flatiron Nylon Sophia Grace Baby Bag. I am now contemplating between the stripy or the shocking pink.

I'm in love with another bag from Kate Spade too. The Cabana Tile Harmony Baby Bag. Not so fond of the shape but I like the nice pattern design and the bright color it has.

This one from Coach is also nice. Loving the fact that it is not so "Coach-y" like and the leather handle.

Or maybe I can blackmail the husband about the pain I have to endure giving birth to his kids an ask for this one, perhaps? Hehe.

It's a Burberry Madison Diaper Tote.

So guy, should I get a new diaper bag? Kate Spade or Coach? Stripy or Pink?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little surprise. Big Score.

I always get angry at my husband for not listening. I mean guys do that right! They hear us talking but they don't really listen.

Like the other day, during my confinement, I was telling him how he's too busy doing "unimportant" things and did not spent his time with his wife (I think there was drama air mata involve. Haha) so the next day he go and clean the room (still not spending his time with me) because he knows that I was upset and he thinks that if he makes the room clean I'll be happy. Like... What?? I told you I'm upset because you're not spending enough time with me, so you clean the room? Guys.. Pfft..

So when I received a gift parcel with charms bracelet inside, I was so happy that he pays attention when I constantly taking about charms bracelet. Awwww.. And what's melt my heart the most is some of the charms are purple in color because he remember that I got tons of purple bajus in my closet so he thinks I must be a sucker for purple. Awwww again.

But of course I will be much more in love if he had picked the right shade of purple. Bahahahaha.

I love this guy. Like seriously. I wonder what I do that I deserve someone like him. I'm a lousy wife I tell you.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Run Because It's Cheaper Than Therapy : NTV7 Feel Good Run 2013

It's been a while since I feel good about myself.

Don't get me wrong. I love motherhood. Imaan had been great (other than her colic problem) and bring a lot of joy in me but I can't help but feeling a bit tired taking care of her plus my talkative 5 years old 24/7 at home.I really need a break.

I've enrolled to this run quite sometimes ago and during that time, we still have a maid and I thought that we'll still have her now. Long story cut short, she flew back to Indonesia just 2 weeks after I've given birth to Imaan and left us maid-less until now. I'm not so keen on leaving Imaan with my mum alone because I know how clingy and mengada Imaan can be and my mother is not so young anymore you see.. Plus it started at 6 am.. and normally my mum will recite al-quran after her subuh prayer and having to babysit Imaan meaning there's a slight possibility that she can't do her usual routine.. in case Imaan decided to cry all the way and wanting to be held. So I thought.. it's okey. Maybe I should pass this run. There's always next year.

But my husband has been insisting me to run with him and just let my mum took care of Imaan for only a few hours. Talked to my mum and she agreed. So off we go and I really want to thank my husband for insisting on me to run because it does makes me feel good! I feel like myself again.

Picture taking is compulsory upon arriving. This was just before the flag off  and my tummy decided that it has to  pass motion. Bahahha. such a wrong starting point. We end up starting few minutes late.
Out of shape. Body & Fitness level. I swear by this time I can barely breath but still can strike a pose. Such a poser, this lady.
Another poser. Haha. But he'd finished a half marathon once and going for another this sep & nov. Way above me this guy. I hetchu!
During bottleneck route. Cannot run so pose!

Finally this unfit lady finished her 7km in 1 hour 14 minutes. So sure you can imagine how much walking she did. Bahaha. Hey give me some slack okey? i just gave birth. ;p

After sweat coffee. A must! 
My breakie from The Coffee & Co at One Utama before going back to reality.

Anyway, a bit about this run.. 

....Feel Good Run is an annual charity fun run with celebrities, organised by ntv7. The run this year will be held on 7 July 2013 in Bandar Utama. The starting point will be at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama, while the finish line is at Central Park, One Utama. A variety of activities will be carried out at Central Park where runners and their families are encouraged to join in the fun. - See more at:

We got home around 10 am with pain all over but a big smile inside. Now I can be a better mum. :)

P/S : I got another event later today. Shall blog about it soon!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 40 : The confinement is over (for me)

I know it should be 44 days but since it's only less than 3 weeks before Ramadhan so I give a bit of discount to my confinement days and decided to go jalan-jalan on my 40th day. Haha. Don't worry we left the baby at home and we only went to PWTC for Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon race kit collection, (and a bit of shopping at Jakel PWTC) not much of jalan pun.

So the thing that I missed the most while serving my confinement was my outfit of the day post at Instagram. Selfie, I know. Just deal with it ok? Bahaha. Cannot help it. I just love to dress up. It's a girl thing ok? Shhhhhhuuhhh.

Anyway, I decided to celebrate the ending of my confinement with ThePoplook blouse that I bought while I was heavily pregnant. It is so gorgeous I cannot let go haha lucky can fit. If not I would've cried blood. This was the 1st time I put it on (okey tipu, i tried it with my huge tummy last time then got upset it didn't fit. Haha. It's hormone I swear!). Okey move on, I really love the blouse for the fact that it hides my post-natal tummy perfectly. I have a feeling that this will be my overused tops for a while. Hehe

As usual, my hijab is from fanacouture. Well actually most of my hijab are from them. Their hijab cutting is so nice and I love their design (also the fact that the owner is my friend bahaha I'm biased like that.) Go check out their web alright?

Till next time! I got a hungry baby to feed. Bye!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Okey. Although I am not a 1st time mother but to handle an infant after 5 years, it surely feels like 1st time!

So funny that the 1st night we brought Imaan back home, she cried like every 30 minutes I keep on stuffing her small mouth with my boobs one after another but she keep on crying only to find out that she had pooped and the stools all dried already people! Imagine we took her home around 3pm and around 3am we still haven/t checked her diaper. Hehe. Lousy parents. Isk Isk. After she got changed, instantly she fell asleep and finally mummy & daddy get their beauty sleep too.

You see, it is a different experience all together with every child. At least for me.

Anyway, what's not so different with each and every time you have a child is the amount of unwanted advice and remarks you get with people about how you handle your child. We get that a lot. Some people think they know everything & boy they are irritating! Well this time, I'm a bit well prepared compared to when I delivered my 1st. I gather a good support system and warn them that I'll be whining a lot and please just listen to me and tell me I'm right even if I'm wrong. Hehe. It works! Haha. I feel a lot better this time.

Pantang days are the most challenging days for me. Not the pain of delivery and not even the episiotomy wound! To be at home for 44 days freaks me out. I HAVE to go out and I need my ME time (read: shopping). Selfish? Yes sure but I believe I need to be happy 1st for me to function as good mother, heck a good person! So hiding me in the house for more than a month do no good to anybody around me. But sure we need to comply with the universal pantang rules and not wanting to upset my mother, I give in.

20 days now. Another 14 days to go.

P/S:So tell me. What do you do in your pantang days to keep you sane?

Monday, June 3, 2013

2nd Born : Raisa Imaan

I thought I am gonna blog religeously during my confinement but boy I was so wrong!

Oh btw, those who does not know yet, I've delivered a healthy baby girl on May 20th, 2013 9.49pm. It was an induced labor because my doctor was going for a long vacation with her family on my EDD and I am so stubborn to deliver with her.

It was a painful and full of drama delivery. Hehe. People said 2nd baby easier to deliver, all lies! Hehe. This one I suffer longer time in the labor room. But it went away just like that after I held her in my arms. Clishe I know.

We named her Raisa Imaan. Princess of Faith in arabic. Through out my pregnancy, I wonder how it is possible to love 2 children at once. I thought that I have given my love whole heartedly to my 1st born Rania.. But God gift is the best. I fell in love again and again with Imaan and finding my heart aching for unconditional
love to Rania. Now I know how it feels.

Rania is doing great as a big sister. She helped me a lot. Just sometimes she want me to held her close and hug her to sleep. I am trying my best to make sure she doesn't feel left behind. She is so close to me before Imaan came around and I intended to keep it that way.

Imaan on the other hand drinks a lot. Poop a lot. And sleep a lot. Hehe. What else can a 14 days old baby do? I am looking forward for her to grow bigger because I am naturally not good with babies. Haha. Their constant need for feeding exhaust me and the sore.. don't get me started on that!

Me? I'm pretty much in a good shape. The delivery wound heals so quickly. My energy level back to normal. Just my emotion is like a yo-yo. One minute I was perfectly fine and another minutes I was holding my tears. But nothing to worry about (i guess) hehe. I keep on reminding myself that this phase with be over soon.

I miss my office to be honest. I miss having to dress up to work, i miss the workloads, and the good times with all my friends. 24/7 with kids at home (especially because the smaller one constantly attach to my breast) is mind blowing. Not even online shopping can make me feel better. Haha.

Weight? Hmm I dare not looking at the scale now. Because I eat like nobody business (which is good!) But I do miss my run. I wish I am in a good shape after my confinement so that I can kick start my run routine as soon as possible.

I think thats pretty much covers all about me and the kiddos. Hopefully I will get my mojo back and start to write again. (Been wishing for that for 3 years now)

Till then! Here's some picture of Imaan and Rania.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

For the Love of Leggings!

I'm a girly girl. I certainly love to dress up.

The only thing that motivates me to wake up every morning is the challenge of dressing up with whatever I have inside my wardrobe with this 37 weeks huge tummy. I do not have much maternity line to wear because I feel such a waste to buy something that I will only wear for few months. Plus, I do not plan to get pregnant again anytime soon (read:forever. Hehe)

I am most grateful for the invention of nice printed leggings and the fact that it is the current "IN" thing. Means that leggings are easily found in any stores! If not I will have to surrender and buy all those expensive and hideous maternity pants. Hehe. Speaking of which, why is the maternity pants so expensive?

But having to wear leggings while pregnant means that you have to know how to work it. Obviously "some" of your body part expand together with your tummy. A long cardigan/blazer can tame the bulge from showing while a tight tank top will enhance the cute tummy (so that someone will volunteer his/her seat in the LRT for you. Hehe)

Of course the other way will be pairing your leggings with an oversize long tops. Your choice. :p

My outfit of the day:-
Black blazer from Pure Career & tank top from Tesco.
H&M legging
Yellow small scarves from Bawal (Aidijuma)
Black Jelly Shoe from Jelly Bunny
Bag from Charles & Keith

Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday My Love! My First Born.

I am not the kind who bond directly with my baby the moment I knew their existence in my womb. Most of the time, I forgot that I am pregnant except when they do their kung fu moves.

I was in a bad shape after I delivered my 1st born. Not only I felt like I am not ready, I felt clueless and I was too proud to ask for help. I thought that motherhood just rolled easily that every women will transform into a mother once they gave birth. Boy I was wrong!

It took me a while until I understand how to become a mother. Made a lot of mistakes, cried buckets, and I lost count of how many times I felt like quitting but hey who am I kidding? I can't just walk away!

Fast forward 5 years, I've learned a lot. A hard way I must say but masya allah.. Allah knows best. He gave me a child to teach me about life. To change me to be a better person. To make my life even more wonderful than it has been.

I love this child to death. I cried sleeping at night randomly just because i feel so blessed to be given an opportunity to be a mother. Not just to anyone, but to the chirpiest, well-behaved, smart, kind-hearted little girl I've even known. (All mothers feel that way towards their children huh? Hehe)

Happy Birthday Rania Hani! I promise we will rock our years together till death do us apart. You have my blessings, my du'a and my forgiveness of everything you did, and will do in the future.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Point of View

My view lately. Getting heavier is no fun. I salute mothers who miss 9 months of pregnancy. I know I am not and I wont.

Due in another month. I can say I don't do much preparation this time but more on mental preparation. Still remember how miserable I am during my 1st delivery. Young and naive. Haha. I bought a stroller way before my due complete with travel system but never bought any nursing bra or breast pump. That's the level of "naiveness" I was! Haha

Hope for the best this time around!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Superstar : Etude Wonder Pore Freshner

I was browsing thru a magazine the other day and came across an advertisement promoting Etude Wonder Pore Freshener. Decided to give it a try, I was shocked and having a cheapo moment the second I saw the price tag. It's RM70 yaw! Ohh.. Don't be fool by the word freshener, it is actually a toner!

Since Etude is not the kind of brand that I heard a lot and it is from Korea (I never have thought that products from Korea can be that pricey), so I hold my thought from getting it first. I tried getting a sample from the SA but they said they have none. Pfftt. Afraid that the money will be wasted if it doesn't work wonder to my skin, I passed.

Then few weeks after, I saw my friend who was on vacation in Korea holding Etude's paper bag. I quickly whatsapp her to buy for me a bottle of the freshener since it was so cheap there and they also have few sizes. Y to the E to the A to the Y!

So yesterday was the 1st day I tried it on and it felt good. Love the smell, and the way it makes my skin feels. Not like the usual toner which sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. But hey, it just day 1. At least give me two weeks before I can give full review ok?

Notes: Thinking of getting the moisturizer too. My Kiehl's will be finish in a week or two. :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OOTD: Electric Blue & Dusty Pink

I don't really fancy blue but electric blue is an exception. But my most common problem is the color of hijab that I want to pair to complement the color.

Decided to go with dusty pink and it matches my super cheap necklace I got from Red Revenge (Paradigm Mall). Go check out their collections especially their clearance sections. Price dirt cheap starting from RM5. Worth every penny!

Tops: H&M
Necklace: Red Revenge
Scarf: Fana Couture (

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I salute you mothers who work and come home with fat paycheck, take care of the house as well without any helpers. The house is shining clean, the hubs and kids blessed with home cook foods, and you yourself looks like a million dollar.

That kind of women exist you know. Crazy.

I feel tired all the time. Okey before you start selling me all those protein shake or whatever product that you say can boost up energy level, just stop it because here I am talking about mentally tired.

I mean of course you still have leftover energy after you come home from work at 8. Sure you can quickly whip a meal for your family, then do the laundry while helping your kids do their homework and then vacuum and mopped clean the house while singing but hey, don't you feel you just wanna go straight to bed?

I need motivation to be that kind of women.



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

32 Weeks Happy

So, I did promise that I want to at least jot down my pregnancy journey once every trimester. Hehe. Cheating I know. But we need to accumulate things up so we can save time & space, no?

I am happily entering 32 weeks now. Feeling a bit like whale even everybody keeps on commenting how small my tummy is. Whatever. Don't even bother to explain why. Ask mother nature. Or ask my husband because I swear my tummy is so big (baby weight 1.2kg at 30 weeks check up), but I have a little secret on how to dress up so I won't look heavily pregnant. Hehe.

How am i doing? I'm fine but with super low energy. I tell u, there's a BIG different being pregnant while you're in your 20's and 30's. My 1st time being pregnant at 25, I have so much energy but now? What I want to do is sleep all day! So far no blood pressure or diabetes or whatever. All sailing smooth. Alhamdulillah..

Oh did I mention that we are expecting another girl? Which is totally cool with me. I like girls! But not cool since cannot stop production yet. Hubby wants a boy (who doesn't?) and because he's being super sweet all this while...okaylah I'm gonna open for another one. But you have to shoot sharp okey darling? Another girl then suck it up and accept the fact. Haha. Joking joking. =)

Okey gotta go now. Forgot already how good it feels to blog. Missing my yesteryears but what to complaint? Me myself yg malas. Hehe. Till then. Please pray for my well-being. Bye!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fast Forward 4 Years Later

Below is the extraction of my blog post 4 years ago. When I was actively blogging and being so open pouring whatever it was in my heart.

I dedicate this post to the people who are feeling exactly like me 4 years ago. I was feeling kind of lost then. Depressed. Like a loser. But time do change things, you know? If you are willing to change too.

Out of everything that I said 4 years ago, I've accomplished most of it. Of course I am not as rich as Donald Trump (just yet). But most importantly, I have goals and I know I am on track in achieving my goals. This time, not all for money.

And most importantly, I feel content.

I am thankful to my young self for being strong and deciding to go on with the life changing decision then. I know it was hard, I walked the path. I am hoping my 30 years old self now keep being strong & focus while staying humbling close to the ground so that my 35 years old self will be proud of me, someday.

P/S: Excuse my 26 years old "beautiful" language. I curse a lot those days. Hehe.


Wednesday, Jan 21,2009

My feelings & self-esteem have never been this bad in my whole life.
It's life threatening. Highly dangerous.

The odd thing is I am actually happy with myself.
But I feel down and sad at the same time.

And I know exactly what is going on with me.

I need my retail therapy but I should put that on hold at this moment.
I need to build my asset. huargghrrgetfjshygdbvdfd.

On a related matter, I remember a conversation with En suami few weeks back.
I told him that I need to build my own assets,
so that I will be okey if someday he decided to leave me.
Or maybe dia ada simpan anak ikan kerana masa itu kami adalah kaya raya tahap Donald Trump.

I need to bulid my assets sebab sekarang janda kaya adalah sangat laku dan boleh mendapat pakwe muda. hoho
Gurau ok. Gurau.

We decided to build our assets and our assets are my assets and my assets are my assets.
Kan yang kan???

And do you know how hard it is to build an asset.
And how cynical others could be?
And how heartbreaking it is not able to spend your dime on your favourite thing when you actually afford it after working so fucking hard to earn the money.
And how sick it feels to look at other person who can shop and own all the things that you wish you have?
memang patah semangat kadang-kadang.

And yes, I have stop reading the shop and show blog because it makes me sick each time. Jelousy. I want one too!!!!
I also stop reading fashion magazine because it makes me feel ugly and fat.
I stop looking at others designer handbag because not owning one nearly makes me cry.
pathetic? yes.
I stop reading supermom's blogs because it makes me feel like I am a lousy mother who did not breastfeed and now my daughter is falling sick at least once a month. I feel terrible!
and i can only cook 1 same dish for my baby because my time is limited and i am so tired juggling between classes, work, asset building, house chores and etc.

I have decided to fuck them all.

But ada satu benda yang until now I torture myself into.
Setiap kali buat hati bertambah sakit tapi masih juga menjenguk.
Sebab bagi saya dia ada apa yang saya tiada dan even though bernanah hati masih juga bertahan.
I motivate myself by torturing myself.
Irony but true.


Alhamdulillah for all the rezeki. I know now, rezeki is not only in term of money.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Work Wear : It Can Be Super Hard With Hijab

I don't know if it's only me, or most people feel the same way too. It's so hard for me to dress impressively to work with hijab without going overboard. It's either will be too common, too bold, too cheerful (with all the prints & colors), or simply too boring. 

But maybe, that's just me.

Anyway, this is my recent work wear that I feel like sharing with you guys. Got the top from KWC for a cheapo price of RM40, maternity tight bought it at Sogo (don't ask the brand I forgot) for RM49, Rins & Roy heels, and Birdie Chiffon Curved Shawl from Fana Couture. (Go check out the blog.)

Btw, I super love Kenanga Wholesale City for the cheepo yet trendy stuff that they offer. But have to be careful with the material tho. Only buy if you feel worth it. Oh this deserve it's own post. Hehe.

19 weeks pregnant when this photo was taken . The tummy starts showing so have to be more creative to hide it. Haha.

So, do you like it?