Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Study Week

Few more days before my 4th CPA paper exam next Tuesday.

Going here and there with my (now) loyal companion. 

Okey not enough time to spare. Got to read & digest hundreds of page. I'm a dead meat. 

Wish me luck guys!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The 2013 Bonus Bag : Part 2 - Coach Madison Christie Carryall Saffiano

Read part 1 here

So, my promise of not buying a new bag went to trash and I blame it all on my friend. 

To make sure that she brought home a bag that has an ultimate value of money, we actually went into ALL the designers store at Pavilion. 

Every. Single. Store

Of course, this weak lady had her saliva drooled in every store and by the time we were at Coach, I was kinda ready to buy one and make it my KPI too.

It was an accidental buy I swear. Previously my plan was to save up for the ultimate wish list(s) that I have in mind. Haha. I'm so weak!

By the way, I bought a Madison Christie Carryall Saffiano in powder blue. I am in love with the saffiano leather (who doesn't?) for the fact that it is so easy to maintain. I was initially torn (so classic of me) between it and a Borough bag but I want the one in grey and they don't have it in medium. Plus, my friend said that Borough bag looks so serious and I need something a bit playful. So Madison it is!

Do I love the bag? Hmmm.. Though I love it so much but to be frank, I haven't been carrying the bag often enough to comment. Like I said, I'm pretty much still very much in love with the speedy b so the bag get shoved at the back of my wardrobe till now. But I love the fact that Coach offers nice range of good quality and "affordable" leather handbag.      

But I can safely say that it was a good buy and let's hope that this too will last long enough to be worn as a vintage handbag by my daughters. Hehehe.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

2013 Bonus Bag : Part 1 - Mulberry Alexa

So I told my friends I won't be buying any bag this year as I'm still so much in love with Ms Speedy B. My friends all laugh at me and did not take me seriously. Well, i'm serious! at that time..at least. (-.-")

One of my good friend from the office told me that she is in love with Mulberry and wanted to get one as her bonus bag. I, being a good friend like I always do (when it comes to shopping), offer myself to accompany her. You know.. as an adviser. Hehehehe. 

We set a date, blocked both our calendar and decided to meet up at Pavilion since Mulberry just opened their store there.

The 1st thing she said to me when we met was "I have to go home with a bag or at least a wallet. That's my KPI for today" haha! This girl is so me!

Well, she did not go home empty handed of course.. with the help of this smart adviser. Bahahaha.

She gotten herself an Alexa in soft buffalo leather, classic brown color and do you know how Mulberry don't give any discount for classic color? Not for this! She got it at 20% off! I'm so green with envy! 

Ahhh.. Love. Really looks good on her. 

So, what happen to me? 


#OOTD : Bright

I always torn between pattern or plain. Plus with head scarves, sometimes pattern do look a bit ermm busy.

Yesterday, I wore one of my own "trial and error" upcoming project collection to work. I love the color combo also the pattern and tho I find it a bit too bright for work, I proceed since yesterday was my gloomy day and I was trying to cheer myself up.

Pair it with dark choco patent pump that I long for since the last 6 months and finally bought it last weekend. Major love. The color is so unique. 

Anyway, still in fabric hunting phase for my upcoming project and really hope i will be able to proceed. With the costing, pricing, marketing, production issue place, please pray that everything will fall smoothly eventually. 

Lots of Love.

Monday, March 24, 2014

School Holiday - Term 1, Part 1

School holiday started! Weehoo.

I don't get this school holiday hype before, until my kid started schooling. But we don't really have a plan lining up but we promise ourselve that we will at least bring them (Rania especially) somewhere for fun.

We started with a trip to Pantai Remis last weekend for kite flying fun fun fun!

Kids with daddy. Daddy don't really know how to deal with the kids when they missbehave. Believe it or not, though he is the sweetest ever to me, he can be quite strict with them. I foresee that growing up, he can be really hard on them that they might think he's unapproachable. I am trying my best to capture all the things he did for them as a prove that he loves them so much but daddy just being.... Ermmm daddy.

Daddy and grandpa showing off their skills to the couldn't-be-bothered-much kid. Hehe. Cute.

Our kite flying! So much fun.

Imaan the kite! Hehe. Imaan has no clue what happened or even where we were! At the end, she was bored, cried, drank her milk, then slept through out the outing. Haha.

The end of our 1st school holiday outing!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#OOTD: Pose with Attitude?

I love #ootd. If you don't know it already! 

I just love how we can transformed by just a click, a nice filter and the right angle. 

Like this one here. I swear that if you're happen to work with me, you'll see fats bulging all over the place. (Two kids here, helo helo. Cut me same slack) but in this photo.... wallah! All gone. But yalah, the poyo face is still there no filtering remove that. Hehe. I really need to learn how to give more attitude and smize, then need to slim down a bit. 

For now. Poyo face rocks! Hehe.

Blouse from KWC and skirt by H&M

Friday, March 14, 2014

Suit Up!

I am crazy over suits! I'm similar to Wak Doyok with his #akuyangpakaikauyangpanas hashtag. Hehehehe.

Lucky I work at the bank so the air-cond is so cold I swear sometimes I saw snow falling from the ceiling (kidding don't take it seriously please) 

But I don't know why, it's so hard for me to get a nice fitting blazer that compliment my figure. So once I found it, #ootd is a must!

The mustard color blazer is one of my successful buy. I wore it quite often that it started to age. Sad. 

Then pair it with H&M printed pants and my most recent love affair = white heels.