Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Done.....(for now)

I don't have the time for blogging,
but I have all the time for facebook-ing.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The only way to move forward is to grow up.

"Fatiyahh, If you can come over to my office say around 4 and work a bit off your hours, I am glad to stay with you for how long that you need me to"


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wrote crap entry when I feel guilty.

Blog ni macam tak bernyawa kan?

Sorry the blog owner is damn busy right now.
And my guess is that she will be busy for the whole year (T_T).

Working life is hectic.
Been working like a total maniac and believe me I don't have a free time anymore.
Because I love to keep my office hour from 8.30 to 5.30 only no matter how tight my schedule is.
No stay back. No taking paper works back home.
So I have to focus. No more blogging from office. Period.

Night time is filled with spending quality time with the family.
Now that my daughter finally know how to communicate and play with us.
There's no way I can resist her charm.

Worry not.
I hope this is just temporary until I got myself back on track.

By the way,
I have so much to share with you guys.
Tapi sumpah malas nak taip.

Lain kali lah.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dapatkah Isteri Derhaka Cium Bau Syurga?

For those who know me well enough, they know that I am moody and sensitive.
Selalu berangin je satu badan.
Kadang-kadang tengah mood baik happy happy tapi 1 perkataan je orang silap cakap can turn my mood upside down!

Like today,
It was a nice morning despite that we woke up 1 hour late from our plan.(I got smooches as wake up call, explain the good mood. *wink*)
I am happily preparing the husband and my lunch pack and the shake for breakfast.
I took a bath, slide into my pre-iron dress (jarang gila iron baju dari malam sebelumnya <-- adorable="" agood="" and="" br="" cak-cak="" daughter="" god="" i="" in="" is="" m="" main="" make="" mood="" my="" on="" playing="" put="" right="" see="" she="" soooo="" the="" up="" while="" with="">
Only to realize that the husband didn't help me pour the shake to my bottle.
There goes my good mood.
I went upside down just because a bottle of shake!

I mean, it was definitely not his fault.
He did asked about my shake when he saw my bottle was empty.
But I didn't asked him to help me pour the shake for me.
So he ASSUME that I purposely left the shake in the blender.

And I cried.

Silly me cried over a stupid shake.

Oh sayang, how can you stand me all this years? And how can you promise to be with me for thousand years ahead?

Even I don't want to be stuck with me forever.

Oh well, I must be very good in bed. *ahaks*

Footnote: This is an open apology to the husband. I'm sorry...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Siti Nurhaliza finally get her fashion sense back on track.

I adore this!
The dress, the colour, the tudung, all perfect!
Cantik tak kalau I pakai??