Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saigon : The few last stories

I meant to update more on Saigon, but suddenly "busy" came up to say hi and never leave me alone since. *sigh*

I was not joking peeps. Kids were getting sick one after another, work has been (as always) crazy even my body got upside down with fever, surprise double visit from my red aunty and everything else.

Anyway, lets mot talk about that. 

Where was I? Oh yes, Saigon..

Saigon, without doubt has so many museums, monuments and nice building. It's really fun to walk within the District 1 and just enjoy the scenery and the nice architectures even doors!

Here's a few picture we managed to snap while we where there.  

Some door. Makes a nice backdrop for photo snapping

Inside one of the museum. I can't remember which one anymore. Initially wanted to take "titanic" like picture but it's too hot I couldn't bother to make the effort. hehe.

With my handsome man. In every 100 pictures of me, he got one snap. Haha. Hail to the invention of monopod now he has the chance. hehe 
Another door. Haha. Doors really make a nice backdrop, no?


Other than museums and building, they also has nice parks in the middle of the city. I really love this about Saigon and you can see their locals really make full use of the parks.

You also cannot leave Saigon without visiting all their famous landmarks!

I actually has a lot of things to say about Saigon, but maybe I save it for my own self. :)

Till we meet again Saigon!