Thursday, February 27, 2014

#OOTD : Metal Belt

I'm currently in love with the metal belt that I bought from fashionvalet. I can see that it will be perfect with lots of my outfit. It will add some kind of edgy-ness to my somewhat plain outfit.

For this look, I matched the belt with a dress which I also got it from fashionvalet. The dress is a bit too big for me so the belt really help to switch the attention away from the oversized dress.

Can't wait to rock it with my other outfit inside my closet. I got a feeling that I will overuse this belt for quite a long time.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

February Birthday Party : The Surprise

Each time there is a party, the birthday girls have no idea what the party will be like or even where it will be held. We just know that there will be party for us and we are told to give the others our wish list. Simple as that.

But for February birthday this year, we did a prank making the birthday girl thinking that she won't get any party this year. 


You should see how she enjoyed herself the most during our Jan party. We even started to think that it was her party when she keep on screaming "the best party ever"! I also have a shot video of her screaming around laughing like mad as an evidence.

Nah! Too cruel if I share it here. 

What we did to her?

We kept it all secret until the day. Ahaha. She even got her eyes blind folded and we sent one of us to her house to pick her up and blind folded her there and then. 

Not just that. We make her wear the hideous hat that sparkle you can see it from the moon and we kid around with her like the ali baba movie. Haha. 

Her desperate attempt to ask strangers where she was. The passerby being so cool they told her she was at the zoo! Haha.

Tadaaa! Happy birthday and no, you're not at the zoo. Hehe.

Well, actually the surprise was so much more than that. We actually secured a meet up with her fav actor to have breakfast with her that morning! That level of love you may not get it anywhere darling. Haha. 

But the actor cancelled last minutes. He told us he got other job and need to go there ASAP. Well, there will always be other time.

We had a great time, that's for sure!

Presents that she got from us. Gambar pun jadilah! Haha.

Group photo! Two of us not here. one cannot make it and another is currently in UK. Hi nadot! *waves excitedly*

Hope you had a good birthday babe! Don't hijack our party next time, please?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

February Birthday Party : The Food - The Red Beanbag, Publika

I am supposed to blog about the party first, but since I'm hungry now and literally drooling when I browse thru my album photo, so food review it is! Plus it's weekend maybe you guys need some suggestion where to eat. I'm kind like that. Hehehe

Compared to January birthday party which was carefully planned, this time it was impromptu due to some reason (will blog about it in details later) so the place also was chosen randomly. Lucky we have 6th sense when it comes to food. It was yummy no regret!

It is situated outside Publika facing Ben's. Easy to locate, don't worry. Just park at Publika, walk all the way out to Ben's, look on your right you'll see it big and clear. 

Now the food. Ahhhhh the food....

It's was beautifully made. We ordered quite a number of variety. All turned up to be delicious.

Baked Egg. Forgot the name of the dish already. I'm such a bad blogger. hehe

Egg Benedict. So far the best I ever tasted.

This was with smoked salmon. Urghhhh I want moreeeeeee.

 Can't remember the name of this dish but it was a pan fried salmon with pooched egg, hollandaise sauce and Australian spinach. My fav!

We also ordered their toast. No picture. Everybody busy eating no one remember to snap. Haha.

And what is birthday celebration without a cake, huh? But if you're a muslim, some of their cake contains liquor so make sure to ask 1st before u order. This one is the Salted Caramel Cheesecake. Yum!

Since I am also crazy about coffee, I ordered a cup of their Piccolo Latte. The waiter explained that Piccolo latte has more espresso than milk compared to normal latte so let's give it a try.

Verdict? It's nice but since this is the 1st time I had a Piccolo, so I got nothing to compare to and will I order it again next time? Why not?

I think this cafe is worth visiting. They open at 9.30am but it was already full house by 10 and you should see the waiting line. The service was excellent we love it. They're fast, polite, always smiling, and don't mind helping us taking picture tho they were running here and there to serve customers.

Here's their details;

The Red Beanbag
Lot A4-1-8, Solaris Dutamas (Publika)
(opposite Big Ben’s, take the staircase up)
Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-62115116
Business Hours:
Tue – Fri: 8.30 am – 10.00 pm
Sat – Sun: 9.30 am – 10.00 pm

Thursday, February 20, 2014

January Birthday Party : The Place - Parkview Service Apartment

Continuation from this post

Deciding on the place is as tough as agreeing on the date and it's tougher when we planned for a sleepover party since we have such a strict criteria.

Grand. Spacious. Cheap.

So when one of us suggest Parkview Service Apartment as a venue, I quickly went and google. "Parkview is an exclusive serviced apartment located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's golden triangle" according to Property Guru. Instantly, we were sold. 

What's not to like to spend a night just a few yards from the tallest twin building in the world? 

It was indeed an exclusive studio apartment but it was damn spacious too. The owner had done a great job designing the space that it can fit 1 queen size bed, 2 single bed and a decent size of L-Shape sofa.

My favourite part will be the window that oversee the KLCC. It was so beautiful at night can I just stood there and stare at the lights for hours. It was a nice background for photo snapping too.

This was during the day. Still pretty.

From the facility area.

It was a good stay I must say and I always thought that the cost of staying at the heart of the city must  be crazy expensive. Apparently it's not. We paid a good sum of RM270 a night. Such a bargain.

If you are also looking for a place to stay or even just want to have a feel how it was like to stay in the middle of the city, you may click here and deal directly with the owner. I promise you won't be sorry.

In the mean time, enjoy the pics!

The Therapy That I Need

Back when the days that I blogged a lot and religiously, I had *ehem* quite a number of visitors. So I would anxiously checking my Nuffnang account daily to see how much earning that I got so far. You know, to cash it out for a pair of shoe. So shallow, I know.

Well, that's history.

I don't really remember checking my Nuffnang account for years until recently when I started to blog again. To my surprise, my almost non-existence self in the blogosphere did still give a decent source of passive income.  So, I thought wow... if only put in a bittttt of my whatever left energy to blog all this years I was in silence... I would have quite a number of shoes by now.

But of course, that was just my wishful thinking. In between my day job, pursuing the professional qualification, being a wife and a mom, running the house, and socialise with my friends... I would be happy if I get the time to have a proper shower. I kid you not.

I won't lie to you. I am being completely honest when I told you that I love to write and share it with people. Even I know how useless this blog is compared to millions others and not to mention how bad my grammar is (ssshhhhesssss you grammar nazi). This blog is actually my place when I need to escape from my reality.

This is the place where I get to be a model, modelling for all the cheap clothes that I have when the actual fact, I am an accountant who work in front of a computer all day long trying to reconcile every single account that my company has.

This is the place where I get to pretend that I am that social butterfly who party until wee hours on every other week when in fact, it was just a planned meet up with my same circle of friends...just at a different place and at the different time (we still had so much fun tho).

This is the place where I put in all the nice things happened to me when I was actually crying my heart out because I just had a bad day. It is easier to be positive and to note on the great things that I have in my life and not to be upset on a small matter when I jot it down.

This is my therapy.

The therapy that I need.

So, what would you do when you need a therapy?

P/S: I just got a new CPUV (Cost Per Unique Visit Campaigns) today after almost a year not having any. Feels like the 1st time. :)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

New arrangement.

Updating from the toilet. Seriously. I'm sad like that.

With no helper at home, no doubt our life was a bit upside down lately. It's not the amount of housework that we need to do, but the arrangements that now have changed since she left. Like previously, we would drop off our kids at my mum's and my dad will then send my eldest to her school. But now, since Imaan's nursery is nearby her sister's school and Imaan don't really fancy car seat.. So we have to send them off every morning and the traffic to their school.. OMG like crazzzzzy. We have to go out super early so that we will still arrive to our office on time.

Back from work, there's kid's homework, piles of unfold clothes, dinner making, attention seeker baby and lots of things in between waiting for me. 

Not complaining tho. I feel that the life I have currently tho exhausting but more fullfiling not to mention give me less headache.  But of course, this blog (again) become my least priority at the moment. 

I miss writing. I have tons of update for you guys seriously. I'll promise I'll come back ok?

Because life is like a rollercoster. You just have to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Tho at one point you feel like it's going to kill you, believe me it won't. :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Super busy.

Shall resume blogging once I settle down with our new arrangements and such.

Oh btw, our helper ran away. Pissed but relieved. Not really a fan of someone else (who's also really lazy) in my house.On the day itself I vowed not to take any foreign helper ever again. Such a headache to live with. 

Till then.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Twirling Skirt and The Photographer Friend

I was having a lot of fun during the after party with my friends on the next day and  my skirt decided to join as well. 

It was nicely captured by friend cum my personal photographer (hahaha)

I think I'm so lucky that I love to post ootd and I have a friend that will go extra miles just to make sure my photo is da bomb! Hate to have to capture my ootd from the mirror. Too selfie-ish.

Or is it maybe because I have such friend, so I love to take ootd shots?

See? This photo was also directed by her. 

P/S : My flowy skirt I got it at KWC for only RM30. Such a great bargain. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Wardrobe Quest : Black "awesome" Flats

Though I make a vow not to add anything to my shoe rack this year, there's an exception to buy a black flats. My bunion has starting to show, and I'm afraid it will get bigger if I still wear heels all the time.

But my quest for a black flats is not any black flats, must be an awesome one.

How awesome u ask?

The insole must be padded, the lining is between fabric or soft leather,the price is affordable and it must suit both office and daily use.

Since it's a flat shoe and the color I was looking is black, I thought the quest must be somewhat easy.

Well, it's not actually. Most of the nice ones are not padded (including the high-end famous designers) and the padded ones..hmm let's just say the pattern is suitable for my grandma.

But finally, I found it. The love of my feet.

Excuse the little hand. 

It was from M&S. I was looking for something else actually when accidentally saw this gem. 

It is leather upper with padded fabric lining inside. Wide fit, padded sole and super comfy when I tried it on.

Closer look at the leather.

It cost me only RM199 for such a good quality shoe. Goodbye designers. Haha. (Okey I lie, I still love you for some other reason)

This should be the end of my shoe quest for 2014. 

Monday, February 3, 2014

January Birthday Party : The Party Bomber.

Me and my friends, we love to party and I think it is a good thing to do. We make it compulsory to celebrate birthdays together so that we can spend time together and our kids will bond with each other.

Of course the way we party changes with time. But that's not the only thing changing, the participants change too.

Year by year, we keep on adding additional VIP members into our club and this year we have 3 all together.

So this year, as usual we kicked off 2014 with January babies birthday party with the additional 3 VIP members.  Still we decided to do a sleepover party like how we always did in the past. We figured, how hard it can be? We all survived all these years partying girls only with our eldest babies.

Guess who is the most diva among all?

Believe me, none of my photo without her with that screaming look.

And you might see the all nice and smiling faces in front of the camera. If only you know the background noise behind the clicks.

I guess no sleepover for us for the next 2 years.