Sunday, May 3, 2009

vsdvusbdbygdhsbdjbbuavjhajnbhnjsb. *my mood now*

The husband is away again. *sigh*
This time tak tau sehari ke dua hari ke...

Bright side?
I am alone and free to do whatever i want to do.

Gila tipu.

I am sad and lonely.
I can't go anywhere because the husband took the car with him.
And my bestfriend still away with her other besties from work for an island trip.
Takda org nak ajak lepak.
Owh crap! I am so miserable!

Worst thing is that I has to stay at my mum's.
OMG. I really miss my own sweet and sepah home.
ishk ishk.

Okey stop. Annoying okey laki pergi kerja dia sebok nak sedih2.

Dah dah pergi tido.
Eh lupa pulak ada anak.


Saturday, May 2, 2009

So kiss me and smile for me...

Hi all. My name is Rania Hani. I am already 1 year and 3 days old. You can guess by looking at my teeth huh? I got 8 of them all together. And I certainly do love biting now. :) I'm posting this entry on behalf of my mother who has fainted the whole day because of my party. hehe. Ibu is very happy.. I can tell from her smile and she constantly bugging abah telling him how she could not believe how much I've grown. 

Yesterday, I had my 1st ever birthday party at nenek's. Ibu's initial plan was to do a simple yet memorable party attended by close family and friends only went biserk when she decided to held the party at nenek's. But, whatever.. I couldn't care less. Although I didn't get my colourfull helium balloons and banner, ibu didn't get her ultimate by the pool dream party, and abah had to surrender his master skills in grilling & bbq-ing, the party was still a blast because lots of my friends coming and I can see all my favourites auties. Also, I had my chance to blow my candles! (although Ibu and abah did blow the most). There are more years to come for great party after all.

I had 2 cakes for my birthday. 1 was a gift from aunty amal. The cute cuppies are from divacupcakes
Delicious and super cute i tell you!

Don't get me started with the present. I thank all of my aunties & uncles for being so generous giving me birthday presents even though I still had no idea what presents are.. But I do love tearing the birthday gift wrapping paper from the box and chewing it too. Don't blame me. The wrapping papers look kindda delicious like the cuppies. 

Anyway, I had to go now. Ibu is calling already. Sorry for not updating more pictures. Go to Ibu's/aunty Amal's facebook. You can find plenty of my cute pictures there. 

Till then. Happy Birthday to me!!

Love is in the air..

Happy Birthday Rania Hani!

P/S: Just finished cleaning up after her small party.