Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Please Leave Me a Message

I received more and more friend request on my facebook that have no friends in common. I am wondering is it you my lovely blog reader?

If it is you, please leave me a message telling me who you are. I might consider to accept but on one condition that you leave comments here and be my friend here 1st.

Facebook is something personal don't you think? We post more personal things and pictures to share among our friends. Please respect that if I don't accept you as my friend. You have to gain my trust. The last thing I want is a stalker who never make any conversatiom with me and posted 100 updates about farmville a day. Annoying don't you think?

P/S: Sorry I have to say this. I really hope you understand.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Singapore : What we do and not do.

The main reason that makes me so exited about our trip to Singapore.

Sadly, I didn't buy anything from Charles & Keith. I found their selection of shoes are not as cool as in Malaysia. I wonder why. Even the handbag that I've been eying for ages doesn't have the colors that I want. Sad Sad Sad.


Impossible if I go back home empty handed ey?


I am very happy to shop in Singapore. I found that the price are actually cheaper than Malaysia even after conversion (some shop like Sephora even gives 30% tourist discount ) and the style also suits me. And boy oh boy, credit cards makes it easier to shop!

Don't worry, my credit card are back in the freezer. Now have to sell my arm and leg to pay it off. (T_T)

Anyway, out of everything my favorite purchase was from Soap & Glory. Will do a review later but so far, I am in heaven every time after my daily bath and I can't stop sniffing myself. I am so happy that Sephora is coming to Malaysia. I don't have to go all the way to Singapore to get it... now that i am totally addicted to it.

I left you guys with some pictures we took in Singapore. Not much pictures since we were there for shopping this time. :)

Love this picture. The only one that I don't look fat. (T_T)

See that huge bon bon? Aiyoh I need to stop eating now.

I love their Christmas decoration. Too bad didn't snap much picture.

Last but not least, the other half that always find ways to make me happy. :)

P/S: My sister ask me to go to Singapore again this Christmas. Should I melt the ice?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Travel with kid(s)

Travelling with kid(s) is never easy.

Stroller works only when it is a short outing but when you are out all day you can't expect a toodler to sit tight. Come on! even we will feel restless if forced to sit all day long.

So more often that not, we have no choice but to let our kid(s) free. Easy for you if you are blessed with a super well-behaved kid who clings to your arm but most of the kids I know will run and jump and be off your sight the second you blink!

Unless you are an alien from planet Gorgon, impossible for you not to blink isn't it?

That is why, we rely on this.

Not only blink, you are free to look at whatever direction you want *cough* another mall *cough*

And saves your kid from drowning too. Who knows if they decided to jump into the pool, just pull the string up! saves time. hehe.

I seldom see other people using this and we get a lot of attention whenever we use this on Rania. Most of the people smile and say "cute". But there are also some who give a judging look because obviously it looks like something we usually use for pets. I don't care. I don't trust this world anymore.

But, this thing really getting on top of her nerve. Sorry kiddo, better be save than sorry!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Leaving NOT on a jet plane.

4 days trip.

Pray for our safety okey?

See you!

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Friday, November 19, 2010

What happened in Merlion City last Christmas.

Not only I failed at giving a good photo, but I also have no freaking idea how to take good photos.

This was from our trip to Singapore last Christmas. The husband told me to take his photo. So i took few shots.

The water was suppose to go out from his mouth. You know like how people love to do some tricks with photos ie; holding the sun. get it? get it? But after like 10 shots I still cannot do it. (T_T). Annoyed, he took the camera from me and snap this with only ONE shot.

See? I'm not good in anything. I wonder why he marry me.

Then, as cliche as it sounds, of course we wanna took picture with the Merlion. Must do to prove to the daughter that we already brought her to Singapore once upon a time. Hehe.

Good shot. Clear view of me and the daughter smiling widely as a main subject with the Merlion as a background. Taken by the husband of course.

Bad shot. Merlion IS the main subject with.. err.. oh there they are, at the left side. Go take your magnifying glass to see. (T_T)

Now I know why out of 344 photos, there were only 4 photos of the husband. Hehe.

But, there is such thing as luck isn't it?

Guess who took this photo? ;p

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun Finding : Coastal Scents

I am very bad at keeping my promises when it comes to blog. I know it's a bad thing.
But you guys forgive me aren't you? :)

I am talking about the fun finding post that I promise to share with all of you once I get it.
Somewhere in June I guess. (Too lazy to link back). hehe.

Lovely isn't it? It's from Coastal Scents.

Truth is, I wanna blog about it after I wear it. Because the colours are so amazing.
Thought of giving you guys FOTD rather than just showing the palette.
BUT this is the closest thing I can get to show you.

Pathetically pale isn't it? (T_T) And you guys have no idea how long I took to get that look.
I'm such a loser when it comes to make up.

I still don't know how to use colours other than brown, gold and purple.
Sad Sad. And You Tube failed me.
Even this post is boring.
So forgive me for not keeping my promise earlier will you?

Even so, I really suggest you guys to get this palette if you guys are thinking of learning how to wear make up.
It's a value for money. Cool colours and super cheap!
Go here and drool over your keyboard.
They got lots of things other then make ups too.

Share with me your FOTD guys.
Go on. Makes me cry looking at your gorgeous smoky eyes make up.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cheers to Weddings and Pregnancy!

We cheers to weddings and pregnancies announcement because it means only 1 thing.

It's time to PARTY!

Goodies from : Dear Azalea
Pictures from : Amalz nyam_nyam

We are all party freaks. Guilty as charge.

Head of party. The organizer.

It was a post wedding party. This time around we celebrate for two! Both of them already married last month but we all have no time to organize anything. Better late than never!

The Brides

Scrumptious Restaurant was chosen to be the venue. No sleepover because few can make commitment (we are getting old and old people have lots of responsibilities (T_T)) hence not much activities can be done except eat and cam-whoring. Nonetheless, it was great and perfect! Give food and camera to us, we know how to entertain ourselves. Hehe.

Goodies. Cotton candy is TDF.

Food wise, not bad though it is a bit pricey for simple fusion foods that they serve but the ambiance is very nice and clean. The waitress also very nice and friendly. Overall OK. 5 for food and 10 for decorations. Even the toilets were nice and clean. Recommended for events but definitely I am not going there for my date night.

Among the foods that we ordered.

Awesome deco. Great for those who loves camera like us.

Outside. Feeling London padahal panass terik nak mati.

It was nice to gather with friends once in a while. Talking crap and laughing at each other's silly jokes. No matter how busy we are, we still make effort, put aside our family for a while and be the teenager that we used to be. That the secret of us looking so young and pretty! Hoho!

See? All young and pretty kan? kan? KAN? SAY IT!


Yours truly

So tell me, what do you guys do with your friend to stay intact?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Masa Bercinta

Ini adalah makanan tetap waktu bercinta dulu.

We used to go to A&W Taman Jaya when we were still students. Hang out there the whole night. Studying *ehem ehem* or just starring at each other eyes. Okey now go puke.

Those were the days that I surely missed. :)

Anyway, now no longer go there since we can stare at each eyes anytime anywhere now. But last night, Rania was begging us for ice-cream. We planned to go to Tutti Frutti at TTDI initially but heavy rain forced us to change our plan to a place with covered car park. So Tesco it is.

Upon entering we found this cute creature. Rania was literally pulling us towards him and keep on yelling bear! It's a chipmunk sayang not bear!

Cute ey? I mean the one on the left?okey you can go puke again. Hehe.

It's nice to make our child happy once in a while huh? Even that means ice-cream in heavy rain.

The nice mommy.. Hehe

I went for neardy clean look. How do I look?

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On things that makes me happy

Another party. Will blog later. Now too full and sleepy to blog.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Smile! You're on Candid Camera.

Always, when I was out and about all glam up i will have a mental promise that I will take lots and lots of picture and update my blog later.

Well, as always this was the only picture I manage to snap.

If not like this, it will be a shot with the same pose just different vanue which obviously you guys can't even see. (T_T) Oh that was us having dinner at Chilli's.

See?? Another one. This time lunch at newly open Nyonya Colours @ The Curve. They have a buy one free one assam laksa at that time.

Want more proof?

Late night supper at one of the warung in Taman Ehsan. My point is you guys can't even see my shirt let alone where I was!

I envy those people who can take good picture and acting up just to get a "look like candid picture" . Saya malu. Isk. When I finally brave enough to act, this is how my "look like candid picture" looks like.

You can see me smilling under the thick glasses isn't it? So much of candid. Pffft. Btw, that was breakfast at the most delicious nasik lemak stall ever in Sungai Penchala.

I surrender. I can never take nice picture. The camera hates me.

So how do you guys do it? Taking interesting picture to post to your blog? Tell me. Tell me.

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Shoe Addict

Delicious isn't it?

I always tought that I am a handbag lady but turns out I am more keen on shoes!
Maybe because shoes are more affordable. (T_T)

Plus, you can never go wrong with shoes.
Itching to shop, just pick one of those classic peep toe pump!
Nude colour is a must have, I tell you.

Shoes can always make me smile and Fly my stress away.
More expensive much wider the smile. Hahaha.
If got it for free la..

Anyway, speaking of shoes.. my favorite brand of all time must be Charles & Keith.
Not only affordable but they have the most yummiest design ever and frankly speaking-comfortable too.
Though there are people who said C&K only copy designer's design and produce the cheaper version of it but do I care? *boooooooo*
Not everyone can afford freaking RM4000 for a pair of shoes! We have to find substitute aren't we?

We all know that Singapore is C&K place of birth and I am planning to go to Singapore next weekend. What a co-incident ey? (O_o)
I foresee lots of activities like this coming soon. *wink*

Ada siapa-siapa nak place order??? hehe.

Here, http://www.charleskeith.com/shop/catalog/shoe/hwindex.htm look for yourself how yummy they are. Awww.. I think my heart just melt.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Back to Normal

Excuse my low quality picture as always. Been using camera phone for a while now you must have get used to it by now right?

Yeay! I am browsing thru laptop now. And updating the blog using the actual keyboard is FUN! Never realised that until I am forced to type using the small sensitive iPhone keypad for 8 freaking month! Bluerghh. Even google excite me now.

Anyway, it's getting late and I really really have to sleep. A long week ahead since my line manager is on leave this two weeks. I have to be his back up for his work and not to mention keeping my daily work on track as well. 1st day today, everything was OK.Pray hard it will continue that way. :p

Good Night darlings! Sleep tight!