Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 40 : The confinement is over (for me)

I know it should be 44 days but since it's only less than 3 weeks before Ramadhan so I give a bit of discount to my confinement days and decided to go jalan-jalan on my 40th day. Haha. Don't worry we left the baby at home and we only went to PWTC for Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon race kit collection, (and a bit of shopping at Jakel PWTC) not much of jalan pun.

So the thing that I missed the most while serving my confinement was my outfit of the day post at Instagram. Selfie, I know. Just deal with it ok? Bahaha. Cannot help it. I just love to dress up. It's a girl thing ok? Shhhhhhuuhhh.

Anyway, I decided to celebrate the ending of my confinement with ThePoplook blouse that I bought while I was heavily pregnant. It is so gorgeous I cannot let go haha lucky can fit. If not I would've cried blood. This was the 1st time I put it on (okey tipu, i tried it with my huge tummy last time then got upset it didn't fit. Haha. It's hormone I swear!). Okey move on, I really love the blouse for the fact that it hides my post-natal tummy perfectly. I have a feeling that this will be my overused tops for a while. Hehe

As usual, my hijab is from fanacouture. Well actually most of my hijab are from them. Their hijab cutting is so nice and I love their design (also the fact that the owner is my friend bahaha I'm biased like that.) Go check out their web alright?

Till next time! I got a hungry baby to feed. Bye!

Saturday, June 8, 2013


Okey. Although I am not a 1st time mother but to handle an infant after 5 years, it surely feels like 1st time!

So funny that the 1st night we brought Imaan back home, she cried like every 30 minutes I keep on stuffing her small mouth with my boobs one after another but she keep on crying only to find out that she had pooped and the stools all dried already people! Imagine we took her home around 3pm and around 3am we still haven/t checked her diaper. Hehe. Lousy parents. Isk Isk. After she got changed, instantly she fell asleep and finally mummy & daddy get their beauty sleep too.

You see, it is a different experience all together with every child. At least for me.

Anyway, what's not so different with each and every time you have a child is the amount of unwanted advice and remarks you get with people about how you handle your child. We get that a lot. Some people think they know everything & boy they are irritating! Well this time, I'm a bit well prepared compared to when I delivered my 1st. I gather a good support system and warn them that I'll be whining a lot and please just listen to me and tell me I'm right even if I'm wrong. Hehe. It works! Haha. I feel a lot better this time.

Pantang days are the most challenging days for me. Not the pain of delivery and not even the episiotomy wound! To be at home for 44 days freaks me out. I HAVE to go out and I need my ME time (read: shopping). Selfish? Yes sure but I believe I need to be happy 1st for me to function as good mother, heck a good person! So hiding me in the house for more than a month do no good to anybody around me. But sure we need to comply with the universal pantang rules and not wanting to upset my mother, I give in.

20 days now. Another 14 days to go.

P/S:So tell me. What do you do in your pantang days to keep you sane?

Monday, June 3, 2013

2nd Born : Raisa Imaan

I thought I am gonna blog religeously during my confinement but boy I was so wrong!

Oh btw, those who does not know yet, I've delivered a healthy baby girl on May 20th, 2013 9.49pm. It was an induced labor because my doctor was going for a long vacation with her family on my EDD and I am so stubborn to deliver with her.

It was a painful and full of drama delivery. Hehe. People said 2nd baby easier to deliver, all lies! Hehe. This one I suffer longer time in the labor room. But it went away just like that after I held her in my arms. Clishe I know.

We named her Raisa Imaan. Princess of Faith in arabic. Through out my pregnancy, I wonder how it is possible to love 2 children at once. I thought that I have given my love whole heartedly to my 1st born Rania.. But God gift is the best. I fell in love again and again with Imaan and finding my heart aching for unconditional
love to Rania. Now I know how it feels.

Rania is doing great as a big sister. She helped me a lot. Just sometimes she want me to held her close and hug her to sleep. I am trying my best to make sure she doesn't feel left behind. She is so close to me before Imaan came around and I intended to keep it that way.

Imaan on the other hand drinks a lot. Poop a lot. And sleep a lot. Hehe. What else can a 14 days old baby do? I am looking forward for her to grow bigger because I am naturally not good with babies. Haha. Their constant need for feeding exhaust me and the sore.. don't get me started on that!

Me? I'm pretty much in a good shape. The delivery wound heals so quickly. My energy level back to normal. Just my emotion is like a yo-yo. One minute I was perfectly fine and another minutes I was holding my tears. But nothing to worry about (i guess) hehe. I keep on reminding myself that this phase with be over soon.

I miss my office to be honest. I miss having to dress up to work, i miss the workloads, and the good times with all my friends. 24/7 with kids at home (especially because the smaller one constantly attach to my breast) is mind blowing. Not even online shopping can make me feel better. Haha.

Weight? Hmm I dare not looking at the scale now. Because I eat like nobody business (which is good!) But I do miss my run. I wish I am in a good shape after my confinement so that I can kick start my run routine as soon as possible.

I think thats pretty much covers all about me and the kiddos. Hopefully I will get my mojo back and start to write again. (Been wishing for that for 3 years now)

Till then! Here's some picture of Imaan and Rania.