Friday, May 28, 2010

Aww.. you make me cry doll!

Dear Aien,

I love you too. And yes, I forgive you for hacking my blog. :)

Babe, you know the reason why I let you go and respect your decision. Always remember what I said before. We must be strong and brave to make decision and take action. There is no right or wrong. But be wise enough to know when to stop and to pull back. When the time comes, don't ignore it. Be strong and brave again, make a decision and take action. I always pray for the best to happen to you. I hope you'll find what you are looking for.

And I thank you for being the little sister I never had. For making me smile, fat, and pekak. :) For making me look gorgeous, for making me be who I always want to be. Thank you so much. For the para-sailing. Yes, I will go to Aussie with you and do bungee jumping one day. I don't wanna be old and boring! haha.

Thanks for loving Rania as well. She adores you. And I will make sure she remembers you. We skype every other day okey?

Don't look up to me dear. I am far from perfect to be such role model to you. I am just lucky to have extra-ordinary people surround me. I am nothing by myself. So, be like one. Surround yourself with one hell of good, kind-hearted, fun and loving people. Insya Allah, you'll be one.

Jgn lupa sembahyang and jgn lupa ingat tuhan no matter in what condition you are. Let people say what they wanna say. Shut you eyes, ears and heart from any negativity. Look only to the positive direction. Don't feel alone. Turn to God for any guidance. I believe in you. I know you'll be fine there. You will get a great job with a company that actually deserve you.

We are happy and honored to have you here staying with us. Mintak halal makn minum, terlebih terkurang. Sorry kalau banyak yang kurang dari lebih. :)

P/S: Kalau nka party sebelum kawen sila balik sini. Okey. :)


Hello kak yah!
First of all, thank you for forgetting to bring your iphone, makes it alot easier for me to hack ur blog account haha.
I just wanna say thank you so much for everything you've done for me. All the gossips, bitching session, hair salon, our food hunting, retail therapy, for never failing to listen to whatever craps i have to say,for being able to stand my high pitch voice (walaupun sure rs nk smbat mulut sy pg2 bising sbb jam kaannn), for letting me share you wonderful wonderful friends, for the greatest party i've ever had in my life (im still bitter for going to miss all the great parties u guys will plan in the future), for all the advice you've given, and for accepting me as part of the family. There are too many things i have to thank you, but its impossible to write them all here. But you know how much you mean to me, n how much i look up to u, n pray that one day i could be just like you, a loving wife n mother, a wonderful person. Im glad i went to say hi to u ms dkt dorm R dgn muke x malu tu hehe, for without those moment, we've probably not as close as we are today. Thank you for supporting me with this drastic decision, and for believing in me, and for always ready to welcome me back.

And to abg pica, thank you for letting me share her with you, sorry sbb slalu pakse kakyah naik keter ngan sy sbb nk gossip hehe. You're the luckiest person to have her, and you 2 complete each other.

To rania, youre the cutest kid everrrrr! Please dont forget me, i promise i will see u on skype n bwk gift ftom US.opss hadiah rania x bli lg o-o nnt auntie bli make up eh since u like it the most :)

To kak pinat, kak amal, kak nadot, kak shida, kak fura
Thank you for letting me be part of the loop, its great knowing all of u,thanks sbb rajin layan sy.i will miss those momenta ms party,kt phuket dgn kak pinat (sumpah bangge bjaye jage kak pinat haha),our gym session, makan2 di malis,makan2 di seafood sedap,mkn di chillis,williams,andalusia,sakae sushi..ok kite byk gile mkn kot haha.

I love you sooooo very much! Please dont forget me coz i will never forget every single one of you. You guys have a very special place in my heart.

Aien :)

P/s: kalau ade rezeki,pls dtg visit sy ok :*

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Monday, May 10, 2010

The nice nice shoe and the happy happy weekend!


I'm sorry I haven't update much. No excuse. I just don't feel like updating this blog.

So, how was your weekend? I had a really great one! We had a party, a farewell party to say goodbye to our dear friend that will be migrating to uncle sam's this June. A summer dress party and hell yeah we had so much fun!

This the the girl who is brave enough to follow her heart. I suppport whatever you do, babe. Remember that.

Anyway, this is my outfit for daytime party. I kindda like this one. And look at my shoe!! Finally I got a chance to show it off. Selama ni kecantikannye tersorok di bawah jeans saja. Hehe.

And this is the night outfit. Sweet kan? Baju la bukan saya. Hehe. And the little one dressing up according to theme as well. This is before we had our fatty crab. I love it so much.

Okey, couldn't update much. I have a mountain full of workload shit that I have to settle today.

Group photo!

P/S: dress sponsored by aien. Hehe

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