Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010 to all.

Welcome 2010

I am waiting for you..

Sneak peek! Cak!

Can't wait. Can't wait. Can't wait.

P/S : For the love of God, penatnye nak cukupkan 100! huhu.

Special for you, husband.

Twit.. Twit..


Sikitttt lagi..

So, if I really want to achieve 100 posts by end of the year, I have to at least post 4 entries today.

I told my husband about that this morning. You know ~ my attempt to start a conversation sebab takut dia marah after I woke up at 9am today and make him late to work because he has to send me~. So I told him, owh never mind, I can just write meaningless entry 4 times today sort of like twitter ~ you know.

Well then, as I suspected, he said "tu mengelat namanya.." Well, at least my attempt of starting a conversation succeed. :0

Speaking of twitter, I know it so "in" lately but I can't help to notice and laugh at those people who twit like it is a blog. No offence. I know it is called a micro-blog but I do feel that it is a bit funny when you post a long twit sampai kena sambung-sambung 3 or 4 times posting just to get your message delivered, don't you think? Okey la kalau sambung 2 tu bolehla terima but 3,4 even 5?? I mean like come on make it short people! If you don't know how to twit then don't. Because it is boh~ring.

Hah, like I do care?

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now, who says you have to be boring after you get married?

Ye ye je cakap nak cukupkan 100 entry menjelang tahun baru lepas tu senyapppp. Typical me.

Anyway, this time around I am busy with party preparation for BFF with another bunch of BFF. Haha. My dear friend is getting hitched end of January and being a party freak (all of us), we are now on our secret mission and ready to nail it this new year!

Do you guys know that party brings friends closer? Yeah, despite our unusual hectic day job schedule, we manage to meet each nearly every night and communicate through email and phone. I swear if I don't open my email daily, I will end up with 100 new mail in my inbox.

Let's just hope I don't get lazy and blog about it later. hehe.

P/S: Fun facts:
1. Out of 11 participants, just 3 are not married (of course with additional 1~the bride to be)
2. Together with 11 participants will be 3 babies aged 5-18months.
3. It is a sleepover hen's party with pool involved!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas down south

Azam saya nak cukupkan 100 post menjelang 2010.
Rasa -rasa berjaya tak?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy is an understatement

May be the reason I survive
The why and wherefore I'm alive
The one I'll care for through the rough in ready years
I'll take her laughter and her tears
And make them all my souvenirs
For where she goes I've got to be
The meaning of my life is


Monday, December 21, 2009

Sambutan hari kejadian~The Library @ Damansara 121209

I don't have any attention to blog about this at first but since fb is so freaking annoying (I can't seem to upload the pictures since last Sunday!), so here goes..

Oh, I did mention in my previous entry about the surprise we did for the lady in yellow. Well, this celebration is still for her since she was blabbering non-stop about her coming soon birthday!

Slices of cakes je.. Tu pun tak habes-habes sebab kenyang..

Oh lupa nak review, ambiance The Library ni best! Paling best sebab dia kat mall so parking is not a problem. Then even dia dalam mall tapi dia ada section open air di mana ada kipas besssarrr dia letak kat situ so asap rokok takdela kepam dalam tu.. Boleh I bernafas cam biasa. Kalau tak biasanya kalau lepak tempat-tempat macam ni penat I tahan nafas sebab setiap kali sedut rasa asap masuk dalam paru-paru pastu terbayang billboard Kementerian Kesihatan pasal paru-paru hitam tuh. Ngeri! Ye, saya tak cool sebab tak suka asap rokok. Hehehe.

Tapi food wise adalah horrible! at least for me lah even I tak order tapi I ngecak-ngecak diorang punya (cheapskate). Hahaha. Overall okeylah i guess.

That night ada talent contest wtf ape ntah. Siap ada pole dance bagai okey. Talent, no? And we stumble upon this cute famous lady.

Awww... Motif letak banyak gambar?? Haha. Can't resist la noks.. dia comel sangat!! Pakai baju sumpah bling-bling tak hengat tapi comel je. Kalau I yang pakai confirm kena baling kasut orang menyampah tengok.

Lepas makan-makan, tiup lilin, masa untuk cam-whore!! haha. Tu la yang ditunggu-tunggu sebenarnya...

Okey serious sekarang rasa cam jakon habes amik gambar kat semua tempat. Dah lupa sebab asal berada di sini. :)

Then aktiviti bersambung...


Disudahi dengan acara lompat beramai-ramai.

P/S: I just realize that most of my activities are around The Curve area. Hummpphhh.. Time for new place perhaps?

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me
Papa, Paparazzi

Monday, December 14, 2009

Closer and closer..

Dah bagi contest lepas tu menyepi pulak ye?

Mahap I busy yang melampau sekarang nih. Maklum I kan celebrity. Malas nak explain busy kenapa tapi bukannye ada orang nak tahu pun.

Back to the subject, inilah yang berlaku pada malam kejadian.

Hoho. Siapa yang teka I pergi money changer adalah betul. Malam tu baru nak tergedik-gedik tukar USD padahal dah lama plan. Sayang la nak tukar sebab macam kedekut sebenarnya nak keluar duit. Haha. Tapi last-last tukar jugak time tu rate dah 3.4 padahal masa plan dulu rate 3.3 je padan muka. Tu lah orang kedekut selalu rugi. Eh eh macam lain je peribahasa.

Ha, ini adalah pemenang dia. Selamat dah dapat habuan sabtu lepas. Ni lah juga pembaca tegar itu. haha. minat betul you dekat I ye? Pagi-pagi lagi dah dapat sms dari dia. Maklumlah.. dia kan boleh baca je takleh komen. Ingat nak disqualified tapi tak sampai hati pulak sebab jawapan yang diberikan adalah tepat. Yang lain-lain mahap jawapan kurang tepat.. Reeva, jawapan you betul tapi lambatla.. nanti I buat contest lagi hadiah lagi best okeh?

Itulah planner yang di agung-agungkan. Selamat dah terperuk atas almari dekat rumah. Isy, tak sabar tunggu 2010 nak guna. hahah. Btw, sabtu tu pagi-pagi dah bangun sebab hari lahir budak berbaju kuning tu. Dapatlah buat surprise sepet lagi mata dia bangun tidur tiup lilin. hehe.
Mereka2 yang menjayakan rancangan. :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Free Starbucks coffee anyone?

What we were doing here?

Just cam-whoring in the middle of the mall?

Jalan-jalan then pay parking ticket then go home?

Teman budak ni yang tak pernah makan ayam penyet? Kesian...

Atau saja gedik nak berjalan sebab nak tayang beg baru. Hoho. Sempat.....

Open contest sila teka apa kami buat di sana? You will be given a solid 24 hours to provide a correct answer. Contest ends Thursday at 3.25am. hohoho

Haha. Whoever the 1st to guess the correct reason will get "one day beramas mesra dengan blog owner di Starbucks pilihan anda (KL & Selangor sahaja harap maklum)". Minuman akan dibayar oleh blog owner. Cubaan pathetic nak dapat satuuuu je lagi stamp untuk dapatkan 2010 planner. Sumpah semua orang yang dekat dah nak muntah kena paksa minum starbucks coffee dengan I.

Clue: Ada kena mengena dengan my wishlist.

P/S: Sumpah yang masuk contest ni nanti mesti Aien dengan the husband je kot. hahaha.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bila hati remuk...

Rasa mahu jadi invisible sekejap boleh tak?

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sister Day Out

Isk. Benci betul lah guna camera phone ni.

Semalam tidur tak basuh kaki jadi telah mimpi guna iPhone. Ya tahap pathetic sampai begitu sekali. Nak nak lepas baca status BFF dalam facebook "3 hours ago via facebook for iphone" Bencik!

Jadinya bangun lambat walaupun dah janji dengan kakak nak pergi gym sama-sama pagi tu. Dah bangun tapi tidur balik sambung mimpi basah bersama iphone.

After gym, saya telah mengajak (err more to memaksa) the sister and the husband to go to starbucks to get their Toffee Nut Latte (again). Actually apart of being crazy over the drink itself, saya adalah mahu mendapatkan 2010 planner mereka! Sokaa!!! Mahuu!!!

Iye buang duit sila ketuk kepala saya sekarang.

So alang-alang dah duduk minum, kami makan la sekali. Bila dah duduk makan harusla cam-whore juga. hehe

Okey dah lah. nak upload lagi tapi bencila tgk gambar camera phone. Bye!

P/SI need 6 more "wish" stamp the get the planner. Okey siapa baik hati nak teman saya minum coffee?? Bagi saya wish stamp in return saya bagi selendang saya for free?? hehe. nak tak? nak tak?

Thursday, December 3, 2009


How do we measure success?

By the car that we drove?
The mansion that we lived?
Our educational background?
Our job title? Highest salary?
Getting the hottest girl/guy?
Be ahead of fashion?
Be popular?
Carry designer handbags with matching shoes?

How do we measure success?

Isn't being happy is all that matters?

Tired with your bullshit.

I don't give a damn about your life. Period!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Toffee and nut and latte

Why is the taste is different from the last time I had it? Ni tak rasa cam coffee pun, macam Nescafe ada lah. Dah la the husband and the daughter dah start snoring. Isk. Mengantuk pulak dahh..

We just got back from Sunway Medical Centre. Si kecik belah kiri tu warded pulak sebab coughing and wheezing. That is my nephew-my SIL's son. Yang tembam belah kanan tu menyibuk je lebih. Makin hari makin tembam aku tengok. hehe.
Anyway, the hospital was quite nice... Parking banyakk. Taklah macam DSH nak pergi pun takde mood. Yang nak melawat lagi lah takde mood. But, SMC ni jauhla from our house. Nak tak nak DSH jugak yang paling dekat. But I don't know la about the doctors, ok ke tak. Kalau kat DSH tu dah tau dah mana yang best mana yang tak. Ok melalut pulak which mengingatkan saya bahawa saya belum bawak Rania pergi injection. haha. Dah due hampir 2 bulan nih. Baddd mother. Badddd mother.

Ha, ni lagi satu budak tembam tahap maksimum dah ha. Gym pergi hari-hari pun belum tentu kurus. Tadi timbang naik 2 kilo. Gilo! Tapi rasanya weighing scale tu rosak la,, Mana mungkin raya sehari je dah naik 2 kilo? Tak mungkin kannnnnnnn..

Alamak stress betul bila tenung-tenung. Bila nak kurus nih?

Eh eh sebelum lupa, I am searching for kelas menjahit dekat area KL preferably city centre or Damansara area. Any idea?

Got to go. Geram lah tgk semua orang tido. Isk.

Starbucks, here I come!

I did not get enough sleep this past few weeks.
So many things been bugging my mind and so much things on my to-do list.
24 jam sehari memang tak cukup lagi-lagi kalau the 1st 10 hours dibazirkan di tempat yang kita tak ada hati nak jejak. :(

I need double shot coffee to face my day..
Ada tak medication untuk tahan mengantuk sebab seriously, I think I have to stay awake 24 hours a day.

Should I just call the shot?
Rezeki di mana-mana kan?