Friday, November 30, 2012

NYX haul at Sephora KLCC

So, as much as I promised myself not to shop because I'll be going to Singapore tomorrow, I couldn't help it but to grab myself some wonderful products from NYX today. But it's okey, i have managed to justify the purchase I made to myself that i NEED those make ups, not just WANT them.

Okey hear me out, although I have a few palates of eyeshadows with hundreds of colors that might last until my daughter turns 16, but the one thing that I don't have is a travel size eyeshadow with a various nude & natural colors for office use. (those travel size with other colors don't count, okey?) So it make sense that I NEED to buy this pretty "nude on nude" eyeshadow from NYX and bonus I also get 2 lip colors! Awesome buy right? And it only cost me RM49! *flips hair*

Then blusher, come on.. Those cuties for only RM26? and to be fair, I don't have any blusher in that shade yet. It looks good on my skin color, I swear!

And because I spent RM50 & above on NYX products, I get a free lip gloss. Awesome stuff i tell u.

The brushes? Well, just think of it as an investment. You wanna look good get yourself a decent brushes and u may want to invest in a travel set as well. And for the cost of RM39, it's well worth.

So, what do you think? I NEED those, right?;p

Thursday, November 29, 2012

14 weeks happy!


As the title suggest, yes! I am 14 weeks pregnant. (big grin)

My 2nd pregnancy after nearly 5 years. Everything seems new! I forgotten how miserable and fat I felt the 1st time. It's all coming back now.

When I was pregnant with Rania, I post every single thing in this blog (now safely saved for my own eyes only). Not sure whether I can still do the same this time. Whatever it is, I'll try my best to at least jot down something every trimester.

So, I am entering my 2nd trimester already. Relieved that the annoying stage is over. Had a mild sickness this time compared to the 1st, none at all! Can only eat rice and ikan goreng. Ulam only fancy vege is not allowed. No cake, no other craving but rice all the way.

Nonetheless, successfully gained 3kg thanks to the rice. Looking fat rather than pregnant at this stage. Blaming all on hormones! Hehe. I am allowed to right?

I was 13 weeks pregnant when the photo was taken. My tummy is showing a bit early this time. They say it's normal to show early for 2nd pregnancy. (and my ready buncit tummy help a lot) hehe.

So far, no mc yet. Although very lazy (normal) but not dragging myself to work. Not like the 1st time when I took a whole month unpaid leave. Such a drama that time. Haha.

Okey, will update more later. Tired. Hormone. Haha
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