Friday, April 26, 2013

Happy Birthday My Love! My First Born.

I am not the kind who bond directly with my baby the moment I knew their existence in my womb. Most of the time, I forgot that I am pregnant except when they do their kung fu moves.

I was in a bad shape after I delivered my 1st born. Not only I felt like I am not ready, I felt clueless and I was too proud to ask for help. I thought that motherhood just rolled easily that every women will transform into a mother once they gave birth. Boy I was wrong!

It took me a while until I understand how to become a mother. Made a lot of mistakes, cried buckets, and I lost count of how many times I felt like quitting but hey who am I kidding? I can't just walk away!

Fast forward 5 years, I've learned a lot. A hard way I must say but masya allah.. Allah knows best. He gave me a child to teach me about life. To change me to be a better person. To make my life even more wonderful than it has been.

I love this child to death. I cried sleeping at night randomly just because i feel so blessed to be given an opportunity to be a mother. Not just to anyone, but to the chirpiest, well-behaved, smart, kind-hearted little girl I've even known. (All mothers feel that way towards their children huh? Hehe)

Happy Birthday Rania Hani! I promise we will rock our years together till death do us apart. You have my blessings, my du'a and my forgiveness of everything you did, and will do in the future.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Point of View

My view lately. Getting heavier is no fun. I salute mothers who miss 9 months of pregnancy. I know I am not and I wont.

Due in another month. I can say I don't do much preparation this time but more on mental preparation. Still remember how miserable I am during my 1st delivery. Young and naive. Haha. I bought a stroller way before my due complete with travel system but never bought any nursing bra or breast pump. That's the level of "naiveness" I was! Haha

Hope for the best this time around!


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Superstar : Etude Wonder Pore Freshner

I was browsing thru a magazine the other day and came across an advertisement promoting Etude Wonder Pore Freshener. Decided to give it a try, I was shocked and having a cheapo moment the second I saw the price tag. It's RM70 yaw! Ohh.. Don't be fool by the word freshener, it is actually a toner!

Since Etude is not the kind of brand that I heard a lot and it is from Korea (I never have thought that products from Korea can be that pricey), so I hold my thought from getting it first. I tried getting a sample from the SA but they said they have none. Pfftt. Afraid that the money will be wasted if it doesn't work wonder to my skin, I passed.

Then few weeks after, I saw my friend who was on vacation in Korea holding Etude's paper bag. I quickly whatsapp her to buy for me a bottle of the freshener since it was so cheap there and they also have few sizes. Y to the E to the A to the Y!

So yesterday was the 1st day I tried it on and it felt good. Love the smell, and the way it makes my skin feels. Not like the usual toner which sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. But hey, it just day 1. At least give me two weeks before I can give full review ok?

Notes: Thinking of getting the moisturizer too. My Kiehl's will be finish in a week or two. :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OOTD: Electric Blue & Dusty Pink

I don't really fancy blue but electric blue is an exception. But my most common problem is the color of hijab that I want to pair to complement the color.

Decided to go with dusty pink and it matches my super cheap necklace I got from Red Revenge (Paradigm Mall). Go check out their collections especially their clearance sections. Price dirt cheap starting from RM5. Worth every penny!

Tops: H&M
Necklace: Red Revenge
Scarf: Fana Couture (

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I salute you mothers who work and come home with fat paycheck, take care of the house as well without any helpers. The house is shining clean, the hubs and kids blessed with home cook foods, and you yourself looks like a million dollar.

That kind of women exist you know. Crazy.

I feel tired all the time. Okey before you start selling me all those protein shake or whatever product that you say can boost up energy level, just stop it because here I am talking about mentally tired.

I mean of course you still have leftover energy after you come home from work at 8. Sure you can quickly whip a meal for your family, then do the laundry while helping your kids do their homework and then vacuum and mopped clean the house while singing but hey, don't you feel you just wanna go straight to bed?

I need motivation to be that kind of women.



Tuesday, April 2, 2013

32 Weeks Happy

So, I did promise that I want to at least jot down my pregnancy journey once every trimester. Hehe. Cheating I know. But we need to accumulate things up so we can save time & space, no?

I am happily entering 32 weeks now. Feeling a bit like whale even everybody keeps on commenting how small my tummy is. Whatever. Don't even bother to explain why. Ask mother nature. Or ask my husband because I swear my tummy is so big (baby weight 1.2kg at 30 weeks check up), but I have a little secret on how to dress up so I won't look heavily pregnant. Hehe.

How am i doing? I'm fine but with super low energy. I tell u, there's a BIG different being pregnant while you're in your 20's and 30's. My 1st time being pregnant at 25, I have so much energy but now? What I want to do is sleep all day! So far no blood pressure or diabetes or whatever. All sailing smooth. Alhamdulillah..

Oh did I mention that we are expecting another girl? Which is totally cool with me. I like girls! But not cool since cannot stop production yet. Hubby wants a boy (who doesn't?) and because he's being super sweet all this while...okaylah I'm gonna open for another one. But you have to shoot sharp okey darling? Another girl then suck it up and accept the fact. Haha. Joking joking. =)

Okey gotta go now. Forgot already how good it feels to blog. Missing my yesteryears but what to complaint? Me myself yg malas. Hehe. Till then. Please pray for my well-being. Bye!