Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010 and Welcome 2011!

I know.. I still owe Chilli Crab post to you. But, lets take a break from food a bit okey? I'll serve you that later.

Anyway, 1 day to new year!!
I don't have time to plan my year or cracking up my head for new resolutions this year. I am too busy and I am actually in denial and trying my hard not to think about new year because being in a reporting line means super busy to close the year end books for the company by year end.

No complain though. I choose this line, I know. Whatever, not planning to blab about this.

Where am I just now? Oh yes, new year.

So, I am quite sad to leave this year but at the same time exited for the new year to come. 2010 has been a really good year for me. Starting with my birthday where I finally own an iPhone.. Ohhhhh that's the love of my life.. Life will not be the same without it anymore. Then a birthday present from the husband.. No need to reveal lah but I heart them soo much!

Then my sister Aien, came and stay with us. That was so much fun!! The house if full of laughter and parties! Thank you darling for all the fun stuff we did together.

2010 also the year where i went and travel to so many places! Of couse it is not Paris or LA but we really do see lots of places locally and abroad. Too bad, i am so bad at writing journals on places that I went. It's ok. Pictures say a thousand words right?

In march, I also have enough guts that until now I don't believe I have. I quit my job without any other job waiting. Alhamdulillah that shows that we are getting stable financially. Most people stay in a job they hate because they have too and I can proudly say, I don't have to. Of course now there is a bit (a bit??) damage done on our savings because of that but we'll survive. I have faith. And now I end up in far better place to work. Though I work longer hour now but at least I am happy. :)

Being jobless for a while also do me good. I learn that it is not easy to be a housewife. I mean a real housewife who cooks and cleans and take care of the children perfectly. Not the kind of housewife that gossips and watching soap opera then complain penat. Pfftt. And also I learn how judgemental people are with housewife. It's like they are dumb or something but I can still remember the looks in the eyes when I say I didn't work that time. Biarlah.. What goes around comes around.

Not much happens after I join the new company.. I've been working like hell. Let's just hope there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Anyway, for new year I have yet to think of resolutions other than loosing weight ( yeah right!) and earning more. I'll post something when I have a clue.

Until then,


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Monday, December 27, 2010

From Orchard with Love

Hi all,

Forgive my non-existence new post lately due to work.
Worry not. Will resume for updates from Singapore day trip I had yesterday.

Gosh, I swear to God so many people at Orchard yesterday. It's like walking at Time Square! (not that I have the experience though). My uncle told me it's because only Orchard Rd is lighted up for the festive seasons. Not like here in Malaysia. You can see so many Festive decoration everywhere. It's even snowing at Pavilion! Haha.

Can you see??

Apart from the the weather and shopping part, I think I love Malaysia more than everything in the world. :)

Okey. Will torture you guys with my Chilli Crab post after this. Sands & Sunshines has become a food blog now ey? haha

See you guys!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Foxy Red Velvet Cupcake by +wondermilk

So, I have this love-hate relationship with my job and yesterday was definitely Hate with capital H! Stressed, I can't think of anything else that can make me feel better other than a yummy Red Velvet Cake. The only challenge was to find a cake house that was still open at 9.

We tried our luck at Just Heavenly, Plaza Damansara because when I googled, most people recommend Just Heavenly's red velvet. But sadly they closed at 7. (T_T) Then I remembered +wondermilk and decided to give it a try.

My past experience with +wondermilk was not a good one. I feel like their cuppies are too sweet to my liking. And for not so yummy small cuppies hell it's expensive!


Lucky for me there was one left. We took another flavour as well-Oreo, Cheese, and Chocolate cuppies. They put fancy fancy name, can't remember.

But what I do remember is the drink. Because it cost me freaking RM9 for a latte in a Ikea cheap small glass. Yep you heard me right. Insane.

Okey okey I might be bitter a bit. It is not that bad.. Sure the cupcake is average and and a bit expensive but the deco is so nice and cozy. If you ask me, I wouldn't mind going there again to hang out with my friends who are so happen to be a cam freak! And definitely it does makes me feel better and sugar high for the night.

Nice place right?

The husband getting comfy on their super cozy sofa.

Anyway, i do enjoy it and although the Foxy Red Velvet was not up to my expectation, still it helps to lighten up my day.

Wanna eat and cam-whoring one shot? Visit them.

+wondermilk, Damansara Uptown.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekend: Giant Mozza Burger from A&W

Current Craze : Giant Mozza Burger


We only had few ringgits in our pocket since my mum "pinjam" our money to pay for some emergencies right before we leave the house. So, we planned to have dinner at Green House Mamak (again!) but they were closed. Penny-less, we opt for Kepong Village Mall because they have ATMs there.

Initially wanna eat Little Taiwan (yes, again! we really have to broaden our food choices), but as usual, my daughter screaming for ice-cream. So, A&W it is.

I tell you, the fries tasted healthier than Mc Donalds. I don't know about you guys but my tongue feels a bit strange each time I ate Mc Donald's fries. Me don't like!

But the superstar for the night must be Giant Mozza Burger ordered by the husband. It's BIG, with double patties and cheese all over it! Good stuff. I think this burger is new because last time we went there we saw only normal Mozza Burger.

And A&W won't be A&W without the float. Don't know how they do it but no other drinks can beat A&W root beer for floats.

Will update more on our weekend but I have to warn you, all about foods. :)

Have a great Monday!

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Food That Can Make You Cry

I know. I know. I've been posting about nothing but foods lately but that was the only activity that I did since I was burying myself in piles and piles of workloads the whole week.

So, forgive me.


Who doesn't like mamak? Don't call yourself a true Malaysian if you don't. (Emo). Hehe.

I do. I like having Roti Canai, Tosei, Mee Goreng Mamak, etc. When I was young, my dad used to drive us to mamak for Roti Canai before he went to work. And I remember when I was even younger, I complained to my dad that I am embarrassed to go to mamak because I don't see any girls there. LOL. Those were the days...

Anyway, this mamak near my house really really brings back my old memories about mamak and roti canai. The small stall by the road, aluminium tables and stools, low volume of tamil's background songs.. The foods...ahhhhh...the foods... Soft and crunchy Roti Canai, delicious dhal, and addictive teh tarik..Nearly cry with every bite because it is soooo gooooddd..

No LCD or big screen TV. Horrible over priced foods and tasteless drinks. Most of mamak nowadays like that, don't you think?

Promise me you will give it a try if it's so happen that you are in the neighborhood okey?

Green House Mamak Stall @ Taman Bukit Maluri, Kepong.

See? I told you it is good. She was having roti canai with dhal,

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who doesn't like this?

My choice will always be Italian BMT (bread-Parmesan Oregano)
What's your choice?


I am now currently crazy over on my iPhone. Cool apps I tell you. Can change the most crappy picture to be oh so sexy! Who needs DSLR anymore, right? RIGHT? Oh just me because I'm too bimbo to learn how to use it. (T_T)

And I love the way they combine it with Foursquare and post in on Facebook. Oh oh and we can follow people also!Just admit that we love to stalk other people's pictures especially the pretty one. Now you can do it without having to read their boring, long and annoying status update! Cool huh?

Go go and try. Search Instagram in appstore and download it for free.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Best Nasi Lemak in KL

So far this is the best I've tasted (other than my own cooking of course. Haha)

This is with ayam kampung by the way. The chicken is so juicy I feel like suicidal after the 1st bite. And team it up with Teh Tarik oh-so-divine!

Taste it yourself and tell me are we in the same page?

Chawan @ Jalan Telawi, Bangsar.
Opposite Bangsar Village (new building)

P/S: Girls, let's have our breakfast session here nak?

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Monday, December 13, 2010

I might be busy for a while

I'll start work again tomorrow. Hope I will still have time to update my blog. Whatever it is, I have a great time during my time off and now it's time again to work my butt off.

The only thing that I will miss the most is my gym session.. How I wish I still can easily go to the gym on weekdays after this.

And of course my family time with the whole tiny family of mine.. Gonna miss having my baby woke me up and wish me good morning (usually my daughter is still asleep when I leave for work)

Anyway, till then. Have fun people and have a great Monday!

This apps is soooo cool right?

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Movie in 5?

Have I ever mention that I love this one new mall near my house?
It has TESCO and the most important is cinema! Now we can leave home 5 minutes before movie start, park right in front of the entrance (free parking, mind you), still got plenty of time to buy popcorns, and can dress like Ah Beng no one cares! Oh Oh and they got 3D also. How cool is that?

So last week, (after few weeks of coaxing my sister how cool it is to watch movie there) me and my sister took our kids for Repunzel. Great movie love it love it love it! But what to love more is the fact that the cinema was empty.

See? Not lying.

And that was the 1st time I bought my 2yo to the cinema. I imagine it will be a disaster with her and another 3 of my sister kids inside the cinema but boy oh boy she surely behave and glued to her chair until the end of the movie!

So behave sitting in the middle and playing with her cousins before the movie starts. I heart you baby! Taking care of you is so easy since the beginning. :)

Oh and we had our lunch at Little Taiwan. Love their Loh Shi Fun. So damn yummy. That's the only menu that I can eat by the way. Other foods I found it not to my liking.


She's doing peace sign yo!

Anyway, had a blast that day and even without husband I can survive. Yeah! But of course because I know I have my sister to count on. I respect mummy who can go jalan-jalan with toodler alone. Me? Duduk rumah je la.. :)

The sister and me. She wore heels that's why she is taller than me. Actually she is NOT! Haha

Friday, December 10, 2010

Sister's Sister.

Got it! My sister belanja. Hehehehe

Unlike last year, I think I won't be getting much doses this time. No Starbucks near my office and my hell work schedule make it more impossible. Good thing is I can save money. I am aslso trying to reduce my caffeine intake by the way. So it is a good thing that I don't crave for it badly this time. *I'm trying to pujuk myself people* (T_T)

Oh and she took the picture also. Seronok betul ada paparazi. Senang nak update blog.

My two weeks of cuti cuti was nothing but fun fun fun! (Err.. what's not fun about cuti?). I had my plans lining up even way before my days off. Among my plans are:-


Shopping * Forever 21 @ One Utama*

Dining * Garden Lifestyle Cafe @ The Curve*

Gym * Fitness First @ Empire Gallery Subang*

Nerdy mode *Borders @ Bangsar Village*

Cam-whoring * One Utama *

More Dining * The Teh Tarik Place @ Empire Gallery, Subang*

More Gym * Fitness First @ Menara Manulife*

More Shopping *Empire Gallery, Subang*

Shoe Hunting *Charles & Keith @ Empire Gallery, Subang*

Am I a happy person? You bet. But all of it won't be that fun if it wasn't for my sister who accompany me the whole 2 weeks. That is the advantage of having a sister who is a teacher. haha. Love you sister! hehe.

Actually there are much more things that we do other than those above, but not much picture la. Most of it includes our kids so you know la bila ada budak-budak dan tiada pulak bapak budak, kelam kabut jadinya so taking pictures was the least that we could think of. Nonetheless, it was nothing but fun.

I am more than ready to start work next week. :)

P/S: Both me and my sister, and all our kids demam sebab banyak sangat berjalan. hehe.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I always look forward to Christmas

Before you go jumping into conclusion and say haraaaaammmmm..... what I really mean is the Starbucks Toffee Nut Latte!

If you still remember my drama last year, the planner is now safe and left un-touch after February and now sitting on top of the rack- dusty I guess.

An organizer for a disorganize person? Think twice next time.

Anyway, I still haven't taken a sip of it and I am dying to. Pass through Starbucks so many time but time is so jealous of me (masa mencemburui saya boleh?). The recent one was yesterday. I was out and about for a refreshing bitching session with besties (yes we are that bad one..) at KLCC. A good whole 3 hours! But the sad part is, just 3 of us can make it this time. Others are busy but still....we rock aren't we? *blow nails*


We were supposed to go to Fahrenheit 88 after that to check out Uniqlo but one of us suddenly has another plan so they cancel it the very last minute. But I still proceed with the plan and gladly did so because over there I met Hanis Zalikha!

She is my inspiration actually. Both she and her mum. I discover her blog when I was pregnant with Rania 3 years ago. I was in a very bad shape at that time. I am frustrated with my life, I am bitter towards everything and I whine a lot until the day I read her blog. I felt so embarrassed on how mature she is and how she sees the world. And she is nearly 10 years younger than me!

With that I change my attitude (though I am still bitter at times), I never look back. Alhamdulillah, so many good things happen to me now. And I must thank her. Amazing how we learn how to live our life from someone younger than us right?

But of course the gratitude speech doesn't happen last night. I was so starstruck that what come out from my mouth was just "hanis... nak ambik gambar boleh?" *shame* My husband went ROFLOL on me. I don't even tell her who I am. *double shame*

I always smile like that one. My picture with Siti Nurhaliza also like that. So easily get over exited.

Anyway Hanis, if you read this..(I bet she wont) Thank You for making my life better by being who you are - just a stranger in my life-

Saturday, December 4, 2010

How To?

One thing about us ladies, we love to take our own pictures from the mirror. Favorite place must be in the bathroom obviously because they got full length mirror all over the place.

*guilty as charge*
sister. not me. I am innocently just finished washing my hands.

Scarves:Tie Rack, Tops:Forever21, Bottom:21 Denim, Heels:Charles&Keith

Actually this post is to test on the picture's size. I think blogger standard picture size is a bit small so I put on my nerdy hat and went google on 'how to post large picture in blogger'.

Not bad ey?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Do I nail it?

1st attempt to mix and match what is left in my closet. A pathetic way I know but I am trying my best not to buy anything at least for now.

This was from today's outing with my sister and niece @ Garden's Cafe, The Curve.

Shawl : She-Sells, Tops : The Curve Flea Market, Cardigans : Blook, Bottoms : 21 Denim, Heels & Handbag both from Charles & Keith.

So how? Do I need a new wardrobe?

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Online Suicidal

It's 3 am and I just finished clearing up my wardrobe.


A desperate attempt to convince myself that despite the fact that I can't fit into most of my tops anymore (read:FAT), the reality that I am not going to get back my pre-pregnancy weight, and the *joy* of upgrading myself one size bigger, I actually don't need new tops.

It started when I dig my own grave, surveying online stores to feed my craving.


Anybody want to teman me to One Utama tomorrow?


Okey I think I have lost my MOJO again.
Pfftt..This happens so many times this year don't you think?

I have written the draft on my Puteri Pacific Hotel review and my not-so-bubble bath post but it was all ended halfway. I couldn't finish or even start the sentence without turning it into a boring article!

It's official. I am bad at writing those things i like.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Please Leave Me a Message

I received more and more friend request on my facebook that have no friends in common. I am wondering is it you my lovely blog reader?

If it is you, please leave me a message telling me who you are. I might consider to accept but on one condition that you leave comments here and be my friend here 1st.

Facebook is something personal don't you think? We post more personal things and pictures to share among our friends. Please respect that if I don't accept you as my friend. You have to gain my trust. The last thing I want is a stalker who never make any conversatiom with me and posted 100 updates about farmville a day. Annoying don't you think?

P/S: Sorry I have to say this. I really hope you understand.

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Singapore : What we do and not do.

The main reason that makes me so exited about our trip to Singapore.

Sadly, I didn't buy anything from Charles & Keith. I found their selection of shoes are not as cool as in Malaysia. I wonder why. Even the handbag that I've been eying for ages doesn't have the colors that I want. Sad Sad Sad.


Impossible if I go back home empty handed ey?


I am very happy to shop in Singapore. I found that the price are actually cheaper than Malaysia even after conversion (some shop like Sephora even gives 30% tourist discount ) and the style also suits me. And boy oh boy, credit cards makes it easier to shop!

Don't worry, my credit card are back in the freezer. Now have to sell my arm and leg to pay it off. (T_T)

Anyway, out of everything my favorite purchase was from Soap & Glory. Will do a review later but so far, I am in heaven every time after my daily bath and I can't stop sniffing myself. I am so happy that Sephora is coming to Malaysia. I don't have to go all the way to Singapore to get it... now that i am totally addicted to it.

I left you guys with some pictures we took in Singapore. Not much pictures since we were there for shopping this time. :)

Love this picture. The only one that I don't look fat. (T_T)

See that huge bon bon? Aiyoh I need to stop eating now.

I love their Christmas decoration. Too bad didn't snap much picture.

Last but not least, the other half that always find ways to make me happy. :)

P/S: My sister ask me to go to Singapore again this Christmas. Should I melt the ice?