Thursday, January 27, 2011

Teaser : Busy Mode On


I am trying my best to keep up with my life now so updating this will be the last thing in my to do list,

Just a teaser for my next updates

The best night snack in KL

Cutest angel alive

Till then.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Velvet is my new name

The Daily Grind, Bangsar Village. Jan 20, 2011

Nothing much can do when a public holiday falls on Thursday. But KL is empty though. Probably most people took Friday off.

We are still more or less looking for the perfect slice of Red Velvet cake. No specific reason. We just love hunting for food. We tried Alexis but apparently they didn't sell Red Velvet cake. So, off we go to Bisou but on the way we saw The Daily Grind and decided to give it a try since we already tasted Bisou Red Velvet cake.

Big size. RM12 per slice

The little one enjoyed the most. The cream is too sweet to my liking.

But the cake is nice...texture is velvety enough. I ate only the cake and leave the cream behind. And I don't think it was a cream cheese because it tasted nothing but sugar.

But the interior is nice. They have other things too in their menu. The waiter suggested for us to take their beef ribs. It costs RM55 and the portion is big enough for 2. But we didn't ordered though. Decided to go opposite and ate Chawan nasi lemak instead. And I would like to officially took back their award as "the best nasi lemak in KL". Not consistent. It does not tasted as good as the last time I ate.

Simple and nice

Maybe will go there again to try their ribs. Just maybe...

P/S: I meet another blogger there. Hai Tina! Nice to finally meet you. *waves shyly*

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tutti Frutti, Frozen Yogurt

Tutti Frutti @ The Curve, PJ. Jan 16, 2011

I was bored to death as the husband was down with headache. He slept the whole day! So I cooked for lunch and dinner then text Nadot for a chillex session and being a good friend (they all are), she agree that instant!

So, she proposed to invite Dr. Juju as well since we haven't hang out for quite a while. She was on call and had been up since 6 am. It really means a lot when she said yes (even though I think Nadot kind of force her to join us.haha) Then, I tweet about it and Amal said she wanted to tag along as well. So off we go to The Curve!

This was my 1st time eating Tutti Frutti. I heard about it so many times and anxious to try since all of them give good remarks. But one thing for sure they "forgot" to mention is how pricey that thing are. it's RM5++ per 100g and quite impossible for you to take only 100g! So, I end up paying RM19 for a cup of froyo! And it melted so fast we end up drinking it.

Sorry no picture. The froyo is melting man! Better swallow quickly. Haha.

Verdict, despite the price tag it was gooooood. Personally I love the original flavor and my friend said peach flavor also nice. Don't mind go there over and over again but this time I have to find a sponsor. :)

Go try it youself.

I am blessed. I am content.

I haven't blog about my birthday celebration yet...and not intending to do so. Please click this for details. My friend already update the whole event for you guys. Top to bottom. She's a first timer and I think it's not bad at all. :) Please go and leave your comments. Give her a little bit of support will you?

Although I didn't update it here but from the bottom of my heart, this was the best celebration ever. It was really close to my heart. It was everything.

Looking back at the party, I am really really glad that I married my husband. He may not be perfect in every way but I am very glad that he click well with my friends. Well enough to plan a surprise party with them. Well enough to converse with them through emails, facebook, and telephone. I don't think I'll have a surprise party with my friends if he did not click well with them.

I met my husband when I was in my college years and non of my beloved friends went to the same college as mine. I was alone there. (T_T) So, they did not know each other at first but he was really sporting to join most of our get together outings, be it if he was only guy there and had to be our photographer. haha. He did not make noise when I went on and on talking to my friends for hours...ignoring him. Doesn't feel embarrassed with our loud voice and laugh. (you know how embarrassed it is to go out with a bunch of very very vain ladies)

And then there are my friends. Who are really really nice to allow my husband to join most of our activities even at that time, most of them are single. Who tried to make conversation with him. To make him a part of us. To welcome him into the clan. I can not thank you guys enough. You all are the reason I can still be young and hip even though I am a wife and a mother. You guys accept me for who I am. :)

Thank you husband, for knowing that a big part of my happiness are with them. And for not keeping me for you alone. For allowing me to be me. Even after I marry you.

Thank you friends, for pulling extra chairs, making extra space for my tiny family to fit into. 

I am blessed. I am content. :)

P/S: Thanks to all your husbands as well. They are all super cool right?

Friday, January 14, 2011

If this is a disease, I think I need help.

Pavilion - Jan 12, 2011

My husband always ask me why women need so many shoes ( so uncool lah you husband asking me that kind of question!) He said I only have one pair of foot. He don't see the relations between my glowing face with the cute shoe on my feet (which happens every month)

Well let me give you an answer dear uncool husband.

Yes, we women have only 1 feet but we have 365 days in a year don't we? And if we split a day to day event and night event, we will need 730 pairs of shoes right?? Not only that, we also have to own a pair for each color to match with our glamorous dress. You don't want me to wear blue dress with green shoes don't you? And don't start giving me idea to use only black shoe because it will match with everything. Please, don't upset my feet. They have feelings too you know.

Plus, who can resist this kind of temptation?

Not even this young lady, apparently!

I teach her well, don't you think?

So dear husband, do you have anything else to add?

Monday, January 10, 2011

The birthday gift


Last saturday was my 28th birthday!

This year I didn't make any wish list (except for Charles and Keith hand bag that i hint to my friends on twitter. Hehe). No expectation or whatsoever. Turn out, I got the best birthday celebration this year!!

Will blog about it later. Now I just want to show off my new handbag given by my friends. Love it love it love it!

Wore it to work today. So semangat. I woke up super early because can't wait to parade my handbag to the whole world. Haha.

Thanks again guys! You guys don't have any idea how happy I am.

Good night!

To Die For: Chili Crab @ Newton, Singapore

*Excuse the picture quality. I don't know what happened and how to fix it*

Contradict to what you people might think, main reason I went to Singapore the other day is not to shop. The husband actually had a wedding to attend in JB and the sister wanted to go and meet her long lost friend in Singapore. So I thought, why not? Let the husband be single for the day, enjoying his days with all his friends (who also happen to be wife-less for the day) and me accompany my sister to Singapore. (yes, I am cool like that one)

Days before we actually there, the sister already had the day all plan up, including where to eat!

So we heard that Singapore is really famous with their chili crab and being a food junkie, we ask my sister friend to bring us to the most delicious chili crab ever in Singapore.

Well, she did brought the nearest food court to her house! Haha.

To go here, just take MRT to Newton. It's nearby. Walking distance. I don't know how to explain but just ask any local passerby.

We choose this stall Heng Heng BBQ - Stall No 31 and it so happen that the owner (or helper, I dunno) is a Malaysian! So he gave a really really good service to us! And he is damn funny too.


See the crab? OMG so big. I know.

My sister posing with one hell of a BIG FAT crab. Which after 5 minutes.....

........became this. Yummy!!! Eh eh kesian En. Crab.. hehe

This butter prawn is also super yummy. The best I've tasted so far

Man Tao. Tak pernah terfikir nak makan Man Tao cicah Chilli Crab until that day. Super duper double orgasm! :)

Other than that we ordered baby kailan in oyster sauce. The dish was prepared for 4 person. And it only cost us SGD66! So cheap!

Go eat chili crab the next time you visit Singapore will you? Better yet go to this stall. I promise you, you'll never be disappointed.

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 blabbing.

How was your 1st day of 2011?
Mine? Usual. Spent half of the day in the office.

Save your comment please. I know it is a public holiday but my boss is from Mars. Forgive him. He don't know that 1st Jan is actually a holiday for us earthlings. Pfft!

Eh eh, did you know that the bullshit double/triple pay that you are suppose to receive if you work on public holiday is just applicable to clerks and below? If you are higher than that, you will get paid in whatever rate the company decide to put.

In my case it is RM100 per day. Cilakak tak? Even my normal daily salary is higher than that! And that RM100 is before tax! Please count what is left after that. (T_T) I'll pass the pay and take additional leave instead. So that makes my total of paid leaves for 2011 to be ... 30 days!

What is a better way to utilize them other that travel & tours!!

So, I have numbers of places already in mind. What I need now is cash.

Anybody want to give me any?