Friday, January 31, 2014

The Conventional Meet Up

I am in love with my phone, since iPhone made a debut in my life 4 years ago.

I'm gonna admit here, though it's tough that I am too, like you, attached with my phone.

Sometime I got carried away that I forgot to engage in the real conversation happening around me. Like talking to my husband on dinner table. hehehe.

So, the other day my dear husband went for an annual meet up with his friends and told me not to call or text him unless emergency. I was like... OK boss whatever makes you happy. I know that they always had this rule that whoever pick up the phone needs to pay the bill. Haha.

What they did this time was, putting all their phones at the centre of the table. Means no phone is allowed even for a quick peek at FB, instagram or even emails.

I think that is a good idea. A very good idea.

So my husband implement the rule on me each time we dine out together.

Guess who had to pay the bill? (T_T)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Chai

I want to update on more meaningful stuff. But I must say I have no spare time, for now.

Taking care of the two kids really used up all my (whatever left) energy. Since i'm working thru daylight, I try my best to give 110% attention to my daughters once I'm home. I think all working mums do this. 

It's a long holiday for KL-ites starting tomorrow. I try my best to update more and for the mean time, my #ootd is sufficient, no?

My maxi is from Fashionvalet and blouse from thepoplook. 

Gong Xi Fa Chai to all my Chinese friends!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fifty Shades of Blue

Not a big fan of blue. Self-proclaimed. 

Yet, most of my outfit is blue. Maybe a blue monster possessed me when I did my shopping. Yes. That must be it.

I found it hard to match blue with any color in my wardrobe to make it pop. Pair with red, or yellow? Too bright. Pair with black or nude? Too boring. Must be me then. Self reminder, stop buying blue! Any kind of blue.

Well today, I choose to wear all sorts of blue shades in one go. Haha! Greyish blue maxi skirt, electric blue top, dark blue jacket, and light blue skarf.

Don't really like the assemble but don't hate it too. 

And today, I figure out a way to pose that make me look super tall and super skinny. 

You think so too? LOL!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Confession of a Wardrobe Junkie

Lately, I feel bad each time a take a peek inside my wardrobe.

I have no idea what happen to me. A sign of ageing maybe. I used to love to have a limitless choices in my wardrobe with abundance of clothes and bags and shoes. A huge walk in wardrobe used to be my ultimate goal in life. I even work hard for the sake of that kind of wardrobe to be mine someday.

But recently, I feel bad each time I saw most of my clothes, bags and shoes that I wore only once or worst never been worn before even though I've bought them like ages ago.

But fret not. I still love shopping. Haha. I just have to be a bit choosy when it comes to buying things I need (want). Better to invest more on quality pieces that I would wear rather than buying everything on the shelves and later shove them at the back of the wardrobe.

So my latest #ubah2014 is to challenge myself to limit my buying focusing on quality rather than quantity, need rather than want.

To do so, I need to to:
(a) Figure out my style - work & casual.
(a) Take out everything that I currently owned and start to cut down to pieces that I wear the most.
(b) Keep basic items and try to complement things that I have in my wardrobe so they can be as versatile as it can be (work and casual)
(c) Figure out what else I need and add up item with pieces that have value for money.

Let's see if this plan will work out between us - me and my wardrobe.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Reward System for Toodler

"Finish the food then you can play your toy"

"Eat your vege then I'll let you watch cartoon"

"Read the book. I'll let you buy new toy"

Sounds familiar? I do that to my kids too. You know.. bribe (read : reward) them to do something.

But it was never a success. At least not in the long run. 

So when I read about Star Reward System implemented by Shilashower on her blog, I was like... stupid me why don't I think about that before? My kid always ask for a toy. Most of the time I just get it for her for no apparent reason. Sometimes I ignore her also for no apparent reason. So I thought the star reward system is cool and would work on my child.

This is how it works.  For every stated expectation met, she'll get one star and every 50 collected, she can redeem those for a treat she like.

For Rania, she was a bit too attached with her iPad whenever I was not around. So lately I didn't allow her to bring the iPad to my mum's (she stayed there while I was at work) and I get her to bring her workbook instead. But everyday, she will come back without any pages completed. Turned out she was watching cartoon all day long and when I asked her why she didn't do the exercise in her workbook she said it was boring. (T_T). So to get her to study and off the TV (or any media), I told her about the reward system. But since I'm not as creative as Shila, I just go and buy a stamp and stamped it at any workbook pages that she completed without error.

It was a major success! She like the idea a lot and I think she also like it when her workbook is filled with the cute stamps and all the credits she got for completing the pages error free. She woke up and  went straight to her maths workbook and quietly sat down and do her work without being told to do so.  She even brought the books of her choice to school and do it while other kids were napping. Wow. If only I implemented this earlier, my daughter will be enrolling to college by now. Haha well a mother can dream right?

In just few days she managed to collect all 50 stamps and guess what she want  as a reward?              

Complete with laser and such. Haih.. I thought I gave birth to a daughter 6 years ago?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Daily Wear : Monochrome and Dark Green

My wardrobe has lots of black and white inside. I notice that from vibrant hue previously, I am now slowly filling the space with more black, white, pastels and natural colors. And my bag choice will always be brown.

Boring? Not really.

My life adventure when it comes to colors now focus only on scarves and shoes as I find it very easy to mix and match pastels or naturals hue with vibrant colors accessories than wearing one instead. 

Like today.

I recently fall back in love with bawal scarf, now that I know how to style it. I have a love-hate relationship with it. Still remember I hate it a lot because of the limited boring style it gave that I ended up not wearing any just to be in style. Yeah right.

It's stupid. I'm stupid. You youngsters do not behave the way that I did. Promise?

One of the simple yet successful style I'm wearing today. 

Getting Old : Numeric Padlock m

Part of my #ubah2014 resolution is to move my ass to the gym at least thrice a week. It's a good resolution in theory but reality is, I've been to the gym for the third time today since Jan 1, 2014.


So, determined, I packed by bag the night before and promise myself to stay awake and actually go to the gym early in the morning. Waking up is not an issue since Imaan wake up as early as 5am every morning (well come to think about it, Imaan actually wake up every couple of hours sometimes every hour so I actually became a zombie months ago)

And today, 20th of January, I did it.


The gym require the members to bring their own padlock for the locker but I forgot to bring mine. Desperate, I borrowed my husband's padlock which is the numeric combination padlock. There's only 5 digits to memorise so I confidently thought that I won't forget the combination. How hard can it be? There's only like 10 numbers all together and none will be repeated. 

So I locked the locker, worked my ass out, came back for a shower... still remember the password. Easy peasy!

Not until I finished showering with only a towel, phone and everything inside the locker that I suddenly had a mental blocked. 



I can't recall at all! There I was, few minutes ago easily unlocked the padlock and now I can't even remember a thing.


I was thisssss close to burst into tears. Drama. It's early in the morning not a lot of people is crazy enough to go to the gym that early. There was like 2 or 3 people in the changing room but all of them were happily singing in the shower. I'm late to dress up for work and panicked a bit, worrying if people might think I'm trying to steal someone's belonging (which truthfully looks like it)

Lucky there's a tai-tai just came for a work out and I was literally running towards her to lend her phone. She was kind enough to let me use her phone but my husband didn't pick up! Panic again and embarrassed (who forgot their own combination, btw?) the tai-tai now volunteering to go out and shout for my husband name see if we get lucky, and we were.

Cut it short, I was then able to get dressed and go to the office after like a lifetime in prison.

Thanks God for sending that tai-tai to me.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Meeting at Dip n Dip, Bangsar

I was cleaning up old draft on this blog and found this draft about our short meeting with friends at Dip n Dip Bangsar few days after my confinement end. Erm that was like 6 months ago. I was supposed to blog about it while the Dip n Dip was still new and still the hottest in town but as u can see, it was buried in my draft folder. (yeah I blog a lot but somehow never finish most of the article and kept in the draft folder like forever) 

Anyway, I was drooling while looking at the picture and decided to make you drool as well. LOL. Of course, I have to delete like 4 para of the entry because it was not relevant anymore and re-type again another entry but whatever to make you drool people. hehe.

Enjoy the pictures and please do not ask me the name of the food and also the price cause obviously I don't remember anymore. Haha.

Imaan was 2 months plus this time. How time flies!

Group photo.

Finish drooling already? Here's some tissue, go wipe all the saliva off the laptop. :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Air Batu Campur

Who's here love ABC say hooooo!

Growing up, there's a superb ABC stall right in front of my grandma's house. I still remember my excitement each time we went there for a visit and will plead my grandma a few bucks for an ABC treat right across the house. Boy it was really good I swear!

But I found it hard to find a nice cup of ABC that will remind me of childhood.
You know.. the kind with smooth ice, rose syrup, gula melaka, evaporated milk, cincau, sweet corn, kidney beans, and if we're lucky there'll be "buah kabung" as extra.

Most of ABC that I found lately is the modernise version with ice-creams, all sorts of jellies, and will have colourful syrups but without gula melaka sometimes even without the milk. That's not ABC!!

My hunt for the decent ABC (see, I don't even put high hope in finding the best one) is never ending. Until lately I found this right in front of my nose.

Oh my.....

Well, still... no gula melaka but it's okay because they put just the right amount of syrup & milk for it to taste so good.

Still no sign of good childhood memory ABC but I'm okay settle for this for the mean time.

It was one of the stall at Masjid India area. I forgot the name of the stall. Will check it out later when I go for another treat next time.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Special Date

I was 31 years old on 8th January this year.

Oh boy, I felt old. I was 24 or 25 when I first start writing. Haha.

Even I feel old, do you know people claim that women are most attractive in their early 30's? Looking at this picture, do u think so?


I think people say that because mostly, by this age most women already found their style and they wear it with grace. Also, most already stable financially and they can afford to be spend a bit more on style. 

Furthermore, I think we are most attractive at this age because we are no longer afraid of people's opinion on us like we used to during our twenties, we don't feel the need to follow the trend just to feel accepted and mostly, we are smart enough to act and react only to the things matter to us and to laugh and appreciate every moment be it a  challengeor blessing that coming towards us.

For more years to come (insya allah). 

Happy 31st birthday to me.