Sunday, May 3, 2009

vsdvusbdbygdhsbdjbbuavjhajnbhnjsb. *my mood now*

The husband is away again. *sigh*
This time tak tau sehari ke dua hari ke...

Bright side?
I am alone and free to do whatever i want to do.

Gila tipu.

I am sad and lonely.
I can't go anywhere because the husband took the car with him.
And my bestfriend still away with her other besties from work for an island trip.
Takda org nak ajak lepak.
Owh crap! I am so miserable!

Worst thing is that I has to stay at my mum's.
OMG. I really miss my own sweet and sepah home.
ishk ishk.

Okey stop. Annoying okey laki pergi kerja dia sebok nak sedih2.

Dah dah pergi tido.
Eh lupa pulak ada anak.



Belly Obsessor said...

sila-sila for mommies day out :D

FatiYahh said...


next week jom??

the husband will be out of town the whole week again.


Anonymous said... tgk nemo di dasar laut....trlupe kat ko n nk kol ko balik...hehehhe...sowi..sowi... huhu