Friday, May 28, 2010


Hello kak yah!
First of all, thank you for forgetting to bring your iphone, makes it alot easier for me to hack ur blog account haha.
I just wanna say thank you so much for everything you've done for me. All the gossips, bitching session, hair salon, our food hunting, retail therapy, for never failing to listen to whatever craps i have to say,for being able to stand my high pitch voice (walaupun sure rs nk smbat mulut sy pg2 bising sbb jam kaannn), for letting me share you wonderful wonderful friends, for the greatest party i've ever had in my life (im still bitter for going to miss all the great parties u guys will plan in the future), for all the advice you've given, and for accepting me as part of the family. There are too many things i have to thank you, but its impossible to write them all here. But you know how much you mean to me, n how much i look up to u, n pray that one day i could be just like you, a loving wife n mother, a wonderful person. Im glad i went to say hi to u ms dkt dorm R dgn muke x malu tu hehe, for without those moment, we've probably not as close as we are today. Thank you for supporting me with this drastic decision, and for believing in me, and for always ready to welcome me back.

And to abg pica, thank you for letting me share her with you, sorry sbb slalu pakse kakyah naik keter ngan sy sbb nk gossip hehe. You're the luckiest person to have her, and you 2 complete each other.

To rania, youre the cutest kid everrrrr! Please dont forget me, i promise i will see u on skype n bwk gift ftom US.opss hadiah rania x bli lg o-o nnt auntie bli make up eh since u like it the most :)

To kak pinat, kak amal, kak nadot, kak shida, kak fura
Thank you for letting me be part of the loop, its great knowing all of u,thanks sbb rajin layan sy.i will miss those momenta ms party,kt phuket dgn kak pinat (sumpah bangge bjaye jage kak pinat haha),our gym session, makan2 di malis,makan2 di seafood sedap,mkn di chillis,williams,andalusia,sakae sushi..ok kite byk gile mkn kot haha.

I love you sooooo very much! Please dont forget me coz i will never forget every single one of you. You guys have a very special place in my heart.

Aien :)

P/s: kalau ade rezeki,pls dtg visit sy ok :*

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p3@nu+k@caNg said...

sedeh baby bace post ni
u smp ati tgglkan kami
tapi takpe..u pegi sbb kerja n pengalaman.i izinkan okeh.
ain..sgt hepi wit ur presence n surely ur absence akan wt mesie n kami gloomy...
u surely be missed lil sis

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