Friday, August 6, 2010

On top of the world. Broga Hills on weekend.

Hello London!

You wish! haha.

Okey be serious. *uhuk uhuk*

I have not been updating lately, I know. I bet all my readers have abandon me by now. (T_T). There's not much to talk about lately. Well at least I don't feel like it. But each time I open someone else's blog, I started to miss my own.

Recently, everything that came out from my mouth is all related to work. I swear my husband want to kill himself each time I open my mouth. Haha. This is not good... I have to go and find a more meaningful life than work. But how I still don't know. I've been working for more than 12 hours lately and too exhausted for anything and everything. But surprisingly, I can still go hiking at Broga Hill early morning with the whole department without any complaint. Hehe

We finished work quite late the night before because we are in the midst of closing our books. The next day at 3 am I already standing in front of the office building getting ready to see sunrise on top of Broga.

Well, I guess there's no complaint no matter how tired you are when you know you will be surrounded by all the wonderfull people.

And I still have another event later that evening. I shall blog about it later if I feel like it. Don't hope. You know you might get dissapointed. Hehe.

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