Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I tried to upload some pix tapi connection adalah mcm haram. Jadi, terimalah entri huruf-huruf semata-mata.

I am so in love with my layout.


But I just don't get the theme. A tent, hangover fish, angry beruk, and a toilet Whatever it means, I guess it describe me well tho.. crazily cute! haha.

Anyway, you guys remember that I once told you about me learning about financial in my previous deleted post? Besides religiously reading "Rich Dad's book series, I found this one blog that is quite similar with what Rich Dad's did but Malaysian style instead of American. I kept on thinking how to explain and share with you guys in my own style. I really tried and tried hard to post an entry about that but each time I end up typing and deleting the entry over and over again. Who am I kidding? I am no good in publishing anything with knowledge. My blog is full of crap.

So, I finally gave up and decided to share the link instead. I already put it at the right side of my blog~"Jutawan Hartanah". Btw, his blog is full of crap too but a good one~unlike mine obviously. Find the posts under "hartanah" and "kewangan" category. Maybe you'll find something. And if you guys are lost and would like to share/discuss any topic with me, I am so glad to do so. Who knows we might learn new things. Marilah kita sama-sama jadi jutawan. hohoho.

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