Friday, January 30, 2009

Rania's Sleeping pattern.

I am inspired to blog about this when I read Belly Obsessor's post asking opinion about her baby's sleeping pattern. Initially, I planned to comment on her post but I am afraid it will be long sakit mata dia baca. hahaha.

Since Rania is bottle feed and her lucky baby (Anya) is breastfeeding (I think exclusively) so maybe the info here will not be much helpful to her. But, I hope at least, there are something you can find.


The routine with Rania are almost the same with others. She woke up normally around 7++ every morning and started playing instantly with all "toys" inside her cot. Sometime she'll cry but we normally ignore her unless the cry brings tears.

Her normal days will be as much the same as other 9months old too. She loves to play and since she is one expert crawler, she plays a lot because she is free to move and play whatever she want. She always find things like under the table, inside the TV bench, cabinets, ants, laptop, holes, kitchen, empty bottle and other non-toys are amusing. I don't really bother to buy her toys because she seems to build her own definition of toys. She don't even like to ride on the walker but enjoy playing inside it instead. She crawl and climb, stand up and latest trying to walk with help.

Her nap will be around 9 to 10 am and next 1 or 2 pm. She will sleep 2 hours max each time.She has no feeding schedule, feed only when she is hungry. Sometimes I even forgot to feed her because she is so busy playing and I am a horrible mother. lol.

Her night schedule is much the same. We bath her before dark and SOMETIMES after dark. (ya, kami makpak tak guna). She will take a short nap again (half an hour) after bath. I don't fancy her sleeping long hours for each nap because she will be less sleepy at night. Then she will continue playing until she is done and will finally sleep around 10 or 11 pm.

She drinks 4oz before sleeping and normally will wake up once normally around 3am to finished another 4oz of her milk. The husband is normally the one who will wake up and feed her while the wife continue her lalaland. :)

For Belly Obsessor,

1. When she normally refuse to sleep but we both are fighting to stay awake, we always took her inside her cot and left her there while we both asleep. She will not be sleeping and playing instead but as long as we know she is safe we continue sleeping. Make sure she is occupied with "toys" and sleep close to her. In our case, we usually put our head near the cot and she will play with our hair, nose and even teeth. Talk to her even just "ummm" or "aaaa "while our eyes are completely shut just to entertain her. Before we even realize, she will already fall asleep.
2. In times she refuse to sleep and cry inside her cot, we normally ignore first. The moment she started screaming only then we carry her up. But then, when she started to calm again we put her back inside the cot. Sometimes this process continue for a while until she is either falls asleep at our shoulder or inside the cot.

3. Rania is always sleeping in the middle of feeding. and this is where the miracle works ~ PACIFIER~. It soothes her and helps her sleep. :)

4. We put her on our lap while feeding. Rania refuse to drink by herself because her tiny hands are so busy garu2 kepala bila nak tido. It's one of her habit. :)


But I personally thinks that pacifier works miracle. Since in her younger days, we gave her pacifier each time he woke up at night, tepuk2 sikit and she will continue sleeping. We seldom angkat dia bila dia nangis or feed her because we know she actually already full. Only when she still crying baru angkat/feed her.Also, we did not train her to be cradle while upon sleeping. It sounds cruel but it helps us a lot especially when we are both working.

And we also do this sometimes. Since she is now old enough to understand some little things. Kami akan point at the pillow and asked her to "bom bom" and we will do the same. We point at our pillow and start lying down when we say "bom bom" then point at her pillow pulak. She will come to us and play at first but after days of doing the same things she finally understand and will "bom bom" when we point at her pillow. baring-baring.. pusing-pusing and finally fall asleep with help of the pacifier of course. :)

I think what really help Rania sleep without constant waking up at night are her pacifier and also letting her play and explore as much as she can so she will get tired at night and also control her nap not to be too long so she will feel sleepy at night.

I can't help you with the sippie cup stuff. Nor on the breastfeeding-bottle training thing. I just can only share by experince. Hope you'll find something useful here. :)


Belly Obsessor said...

makin lama makin cheeky laa muka rania. mak rania kena upload gambar slalu ni :D thanks.

Naemmommy said...

aiman pun dah pandai tido malam skang. kul 9 mesti merengek nak tido dah. rahsienye ialah bagi die main puas2 siang hari..bagi makan kenyang2..pastu kompem tido tak ingat dunia hehe :)