Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I wrote crap entry when I feel guilty.

Blog ni macam tak bernyawa kan?

Sorry the blog owner is damn busy right now.
And my guess is that she will be busy for the whole year (T_T).

Working life is hectic.
Been working like a total maniac and believe me I don't have a free time anymore.
Because I love to keep my office hour from 8.30 to 5.30 only no matter how tight my schedule is.
No stay back. No taking paper works back home.
So I have to focus. No more blogging from office. Period.

Night time is filled with spending quality time with the family.
Now that my daughter finally know how to communicate and play with us.
There's no way I can resist her charm.

Worry not.
I hope this is just temporary until I got myself back on track.

By the way,
I have so much to share with you guys.
Tapi sumpah malas nak taip.

Lain kali lah.


This-is-so-fashion said...

Hi there :)

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p/s:have a nice day :)

Belly Obsessor said...

Fatiyahh, Rania sapa jaga now? Dah dapat maid or nursery?

FatiYahh said...


Dah ada maid letak dekat umah mak. So maid + mak jaga. hihi