Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dapatkah Isteri Derhaka Cium Bau Syurga?

For those who know me well enough, they know that I am moody and sensitive.
Selalu berangin je satu badan.
Kadang-kadang tengah mood baik happy happy tapi 1 perkataan je orang silap cakap can turn my mood upside down!

Like today,
It was a nice morning despite that we woke up 1 hour late from our plan.(I got smooches as wake up call, explain the good mood. *wink*)
I am happily preparing the husband and my lunch pack and the shake for breakfast.
I took a bath, slide into my pre-iron dress (jarang gila iron baju dari malam sebelumnya <-- adorable="" agood="" and="" br="" cak-cak="" daughter="" god="" i="" in="" is="" m="" main="" make="" mood="" my="" on="" playing="" put="" right="" see="" she="" soooo="" the="" up="" while="" with="">
Only to realize that the husband didn't help me pour the shake to my bottle.
There goes my good mood.
I went upside down just because a bottle of shake!

I mean, it was definitely not his fault.
He did asked about my shake when he saw my bottle was empty.
But I didn't asked him to help me pour the shake for me.
So he ASSUME that I purposely left the shake in the blender.

And I cried.

Silly me cried over a stupid shake.

Oh sayang, how can you stand me all this years? And how can you promise to be with me for thousand years ahead?

Even I don't want to be stuck with me forever.

Oh well, I must be very good in bed. *ahaks*

Footnote: This is an open apology to the husband. I'm sorry...


Naemmommy said...

heh diriku juga selalu cried over stupid things. biasela tu hehe. kalau tak, tak meriahla rumah tangga cewah :p

mr who else said...

apology accepted even when u didnt apologies... thats what husband shud be...I think?? :)
cos uve been sooooo g00oooood to me ( heheh u got me ;> )

yg tau2la... wassalam

pemerepek said...

apa daaaa...

lg terok dari aku nih! apa kes??

eh, ye ke lg terok dari aku? hehehehe..

anyway, thanx for always b there for me. really appreciate u presence!

rose mak buyong said...

darling..relax ler.tu bukan derhaka ler.tu isteri yang gedik2 gatai gelenyah je.insyaAllah.same2 la kite masuk berusaha masuk syurga dgn title isteri solehah yer.hehehe