Monday, June 8, 2009

I found my soul inside your pocket.

For years I was soul searching, I was confused and sometimes depressed with my life. Finally now I have found my interest, my goal, and most important thing is my soul.

I always hate my job because I always feel like I am not good with it. And it bore me to death! Back in school, I was not a math geek. In fact, I choose to be in an accounting line just because I did not qualify to be in a science stream back then. My school was so strict with grading the student. Me, not wanting to create any trouble (padahal sronok sebab ramai kawan amek accounting), and taknak pindah sekolah lain just settle for the 2nd best (bak kata orang la budak kelas art ni tak pandai.. yeke??).

But I know now, I don't hate what I am doing. I just hate being stuck in the traffic every morning and glued in front of the monitor with my right hand trying to record & consolidate other people's wealth and my left hand is busy tapping the calculators to make sure they maximize their wealth and minimized their tax.

It suck you know.

My 3 years work experience show me you can't be rich by minding other people's business.
No matter how richer you make them.

So, for the pass 1 and a half years back, I was (and still are) actively doing research about wealth.
The more I dig, the more I am interested in, and more I realised that i am actually applying all my knowledge in finance and accounting, (the thing that i do for living that I was constantly claim I hate the most) and I am really enjoy doing it! In fact, it gives me advantages in many ways.

So now, I'm sure that the path I'm choosing by default is the right path for me. For the first time in my life, I am thankful for the path chosen for me, and the process I went through, and the knowledge I picked in between.

Just that it took me 3 years and a mountain of life changing mistakes to make me realised that.


C A T said...

absolutely agreed! in fact we are even luckier than others to be equipped with accounting knowledges!be proud babe! and yeah,i'm in the same shoes too,shud work on our own now.i myself still in process of setup-ing myself,quit from this work n starting anew! on my own!cant wait.

tk care yah!

FatiYahh said...


true enough. Glad there is someone to think alike. hehe.

Naemmommy said...

so yah, bleh tak ajar aku dlm bab hal kire mengire nih?? aku mmg buta accounts :)