Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beutifool Green Grass


It's been a while huh? Apologies as my focus nowadays are full with work work work.

Quick update on that. I feel happy here and really enjoy my work too. Partly maybe because I click well with other staff. Another part maybe because I am super duper busy so I don't really have time to be depress or whatsoever. So yeah, it's been a very challenging but fun environment so far.

As for my personal life, it has been really great now. I guess sitting home do nothing for 2 months really do me good, spiritually and mentally but not monetary. Haha.

So, I know I promise to update on my make up obsession but I malas.. Hehhe. Sebab i tak pandai guna end up i only use 1 or 2 colour over and over again eventho I have like 100 different colour now.. If add together la.

Tunggu je lah ye.


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