Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sleep Mode

I would love to write again.

No bullshit.

The truth is, I used to write when I was in the office. There and then was the perfect place and time when I have tons of idea what to write. Didn't have that privilege anymore tho. Current job require full concentration (and limited access to the internet.) (T_T)

Lets not whine about that shall we?

Anyway, it was 5 minutes passed 1 am and I am so sleepy. I slept for 2 hours only yesterday and been working till 9pm, home only at 11pm took a shower, nap a bit and here I am explaining myself to you guys why I am still up at this hour. pfft. Is this the life you really looking forward to read about? i doubt it.

I shall sleep now. I am starting to write crap (T_T).

Good night world. It's good to know you still remember me. :)

Sometime ago at one of my favorite place in the world

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