Monday, June 13, 2011

The Wall of Frames

Ever since we moved to our current house, I've been wanting to do a wall of frames along our hallway. The idea is to hang as much multi-colored and multi-sizes of frames as it can be. But after one year, our wall still empty the idea remains as idea. (T_T)

My number one problem is of course too lazy to pick and edit pictures. The bad side of having a digital camera . Thousand of photo for each event we went. Editing is one more thing. Lazy! But not urban la if don't edit kan? LOL. Okey not funny.

Anyway, few weeks back we bought a new sofa to replace our current one that is so ugly and uncomfortable. We bought it few years back when money was really tight then. Alhamdulillah, now got extra rezeki, we can finally change it to the new one.

So with the new sofa, I got exited all over again to proceed with the Wall of Frames idea. So far, I have selected and edited 50 pictures and counting (yeay!) and now in the process to print and finally hang them all. Let's hope that by next week the wall is full and beautiful. Might share with you guys later IF the plan is a success. Haha. Kalau buruk diam-diam sudah. For the mean time, this is a few that I picked. I personally love them so much! Never thought that the simple and stupid picture can be such personal. :)

Rania = shrek.

OMG loveeee this.

My beautiful daughter. Can be such a heart breaker in the future don't you think?

Okey, I want to hang this picture until she's 25! Haha

OMG, I just realised that I am the one who took all the photo. I can be a nice photographer, no?

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