Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Small Project : Kevin Zahri's Jom Kurus Seminar

So, my friend whatsapp me earlier today mentioning about a little project hosted by Puanbee especially for bloggers to join Kevin Zahri's Health Talk at Prince Court Medical Centre this 8th of July.


Being a good friend (like I always do) to Nadot, my morbidly obese friend (self-proclaimed okey? LOL), i decided to participate in this special project so that I can go together with her and at the same time support her. (mana tau tiba-tiba dia terbuka hati nak kurus lepas dengar talk from Kevin Zahri yg hotness tu). And also because I am recently trying to lose weight in a healthy way, i think Kevin is the right person to guide me how to.

Anyway, I was 10kg above my ideal weight last year and I don't really mind about it until one day I have no more pants to wear and the only place that I went shopping were Dorothy Perkins and some other European brand (because they cater big sizes) which as you know it, crazy expensive! And everything that I put in does not look good! So, I decided (really this time) to put down some weight but of course in a healthy way, starting with eating habit.

See, I think the main reason most Malaysian are overweight are because of our eating habits. And with all the good foods that we have, who can resist right? Nasi lemak for breakfast, nasi campur for lunch and dinner, teh tarik and roti canai for supper. Open houses and kenduri-s on weekends, not to mention pisang goreng for tea time.. super sinfully delicious! Not that we cannot eat all that, but sometimes we tend to over eat it. Don't you agree? Well, at least I do.

That is why it is so important to me to be in the seminar.. (hopefully get chosen. Hehe) Maybe I can share it here later. For those who would like to join this talk, you may click here for more details on how to participate for free!

Okey, gotta go. Have to run (literally) already late for work. Chow!


puanbee said...

Salam fatiyah , email tak dapat pun ..

nanti emailkan sekali lagi ya .. nanti kita jumpa disana ok ..terima kasih

FatiYahh said...

Salam Pn Bee..

Sorry baru check blog.. Tak dpt email lagi ye.. sorry.. nanti sy re-send.

Jumpa di sana!


Nurul Akmal said...

Best kan event kita semua hari tuh.. :)

Salam kenal.. www.siezuka.com

Liza said...

Jom join contest kat blog Liza.


mmg sangat terlebih saiz abnding anak dara dulu..hurmmm..mmg kna jaga makan