Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Apps Used : Blog Booster

So, the name of this apps is blog booster and they have the catchy-est line ever! 'walk while you blog' haha. I am laughing because most of the time, I literally walking while I blogged.

So far I love it. Easy to use and to attached picture most importantly. I tried blogger apps and it sucks big time! Blogpress is nice but have to buy now and me cheapskate one. Hehe.

I am now actually downloading songs for my running playlist and got bored, hence the update. Anyway, do you have any favorite song that you like to hear while running? Share with me! My current will be Titanium by David Gueta.

Okeylah. Gotta go sleep. Long day tomorrow and i am planning for 10km run in the evening at the park. Good night

My lemang achievement today. (T_T)
My "lemang" achievement for today (T_T)
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