Friday, November 30, 2012

NYX haul at Sephora KLCC

So, as much as I promised myself not to shop because I'll be going to Singapore tomorrow, I couldn't help it but to grab myself some wonderful products from NYX today. But it's okey, i have managed to justify the purchase I made to myself that i NEED those make ups, not just WANT them.

Okey hear me out, although I have a few palates of eyeshadows with hundreds of colors that might last until my daughter turns 16, but the one thing that I don't have is a travel size eyeshadow with a various nude & natural colors for office use. (those travel size with other colors don't count, okey?) So it make sense that I NEED to buy this pretty "nude on nude" eyeshadow from NYX and bonus I also get 2 lip colors! Awesome buy right? And it only cost me RM49! *flips hair*

Then blusher, come on.. Those cuties for only RM26? and to be fair, I don't have any blusher in that shade yet. It looks good on my skin color, I swear!

And because I spent RM50 & above on NYX products, I get a free lip gloss. Awesome stuff i tell u.

The brushes? Well, just think of it as an investment. You wanna look good get yourself a decent brushes and u may want to invest in a travel set as well. And for the cost of RM39, it's well worth.

So, what do you think? I NEED those, right?;p


Puan Bee said...

wewitt makin jelita lah u .. :P

FatiYahh said...

Keh keh. Hopefully jelita lah lepas ni.