Friday, January 4, 2013

Work Wear : It Can Be Super Hard With Hijab

I don't know if it's only me, or most people feel the same way too. It's so hard for me to dress impressively to work with hijab without going overboard. It's either will be too common, too bold, too cheerful (with all the prints & colors), or simply too boring. 

But maybe, that's just me.

Anyway, this is my recent work wear that I feel like sharing with you guys. Got the top from KWC for a cheapo price of RM40, maternity tight bought it at Sogo (don't ask the brand I forgot) for RM49, Rins & Roy heels, and Birdie Chiffon Curved Shawl from Fana Couture. (Go check out the blog.)

Btw, I super love Kenanga Wholesale City for the cheepo yet trendy stuff that they offer. But have to be careful with the material tho. Only buy if you feel worth it. Oh this deserve it's own post. Hehe.

19 weeks pregnant when this photo was taken . The tummy starts showing so have to be more creative to hide it. Haha.

So, do you like it?

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