Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#ootd : Nichii

I gave up on Nichii in 2011. I was quite disappointed with the quality of the materials, tailoring and also the cheap-like design that they had tho once I was their loyal buyer. Since then, I never set a foot in their store, ever.

It was a few months back that I saw they now have a nice colors and design in store but I still haven't recovered from the "heartbreak" lol. Then my sister did say something about how nice their collections are now but I still don't believe it. Then I saw Vivy promoting Nichii on IG. Turns out Nichii is one of the brand who's using FV as their online platform. Stillllll... I was sceptical. Well, it's Vivy anyway. Give her a rice sack also she can turn it into some nice expensive looking couture!

But, few weeks ago I finally decided to check out their store with my sister and oh boy their collections now are very nice with an affordable price tag of course. I am loving all their latest season pattern & colors also design! Had a hard time choosing which so end up grabbing 3 although I make a vow not to shop for clothes anymore (I make that promise a lot, don't I?). What I love about them are how nicely fitted the blouse is to my body. I always have a problem where the length of the sleeves are too long compared to my short arm (T_T) but not Nichii (so far)

Anyway, here's one of it. I pair the top with an electric blue pants and a white heels. My usual personal photog was on MC that day, but the top was too beautiful to waste so I decided to take a mirror selfie. Hehe sorry about that.

Anyway, check out Nichii if you haven't yet.