Sunday, June 22, 2014

Saigon : Trung Nguyen Coffee

If you haven't know yet, Vietnam is the 2nd largest coffee producer in the world after Brazil and also if you haven't know yet, coffee is so happen to be my staple food. I can survive with no food but never without a cup of coffee.  So you can imagine how exited I was planning for this trip.

While doing the research, I found out that they have a few famous local coffee joint but Trung Nguyen Coffee and Highland Coffee were the famous one and they sure are. Their cafes were all over Saigon!

Anyway, there's a story behind this. It took 30mins taxi ride from the airport to the hotel and along the way, we could see so many Trung Nguyen Coffee joints all over the place! Exited, once we were done freshen up, we went straight for a stroll with a main mission, to have a drink at none other than Trung Nguyen.

But don't know what happened we couldn't find any Trung Nguyen Coffee even after a looooong walk! Turns out we keep on turning at the wrong side. LOL. This one that we went to was so far away from our hotel but actually there is one just around the corner.

This Trung Nguyen is like our Old Town White Coffee in Malaysia. They are everywhere!

His Drink. Can't remember the name anymore. But it tasted OK.

Mine. I like my coffee black and hot. But in Vietnam, their specialty is ice milk coffee and it tasted so good!!!!

Me looking at you, looking at me

Anyway, you can can also get the Iced Coffee for USD1 on the street rather than have a drink at their cafe. Much more cheaper and the taste is similar. They sell it at the back of their motorcycle and it took only a few minutes for them to make one for you since the coffee was brewed earlier. I swear I drank so many cups of iced coffee that my pee started to smell like one. err...

When you're in Vietnam, make sure you give it a try.


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