Monday, June 29, 2009

Pagi Isnin Yang Indah

It is Monday and I am now sipping my hazelnut white coffee while browsing through the web.

Good thing does happen sometimes huh?

I woke up with a 3 day-old pain but decided to went to DSH for a check up because I got worried when the pain just wont go away. I was given a 3 days straight MC because of my not-so-sakit-but-need-tons-of-rest-illness by the doctor. (after leaving me with a hefty RM300++ bill, no wonder he was so kind to give me 3 days leave).

I am so fucking dead if the husband find out about the bill. Pagi tadi dia pesan pergi cari clinic pakar dekat-dekat rumah je tapi I end up kat DSH. hehe. Sorry bukan tak cari tapi tak jumpa. betullll...... Lagipun ni klinik pakar dekat rumah la ni.. I tak tipu you...

Tapi betul la. Sometimes (selalu jugak) we tried to jimat and went to klinik biasa or so-called specialist yang tepi jalan tu tapi selalu nasib tak baik eventually kena jugak mengadap doctor charge mahal nak mampos kat DSH tu. So konon nak jimat then try pergi clinic biasa end up kena byr double pulak. Maybe it is just not our luck.

The funny thing is, since we got married, myself and Rania dah kena admitted sekali, and berkali-kali visit DSH for treatment, while the husband, who actually have to pay the bills sekali pun tak pernah sakit. hehe.

Okey back to the subject. I am so happy sebab sakit ini datang on-time. I still got tons of things to settle with the lawyers and banks regarding our home. And asking for a leave at my company is same as asking for a raise. They just don't get it that we have other things to do in life other than working.

So, I have to make an appointment with the lawyers but my phone is dead and I left the charger in my office. Stupid! I have oher phone but it is not a 3G phone, and my sim card kena guna 3G phone only. Double stupid!

On the way back form the hospital, I decided to take a quick stop at One Utama to buy a charger tapi phone pelik saya tu kedai dah tak jual charger dia. Pergi Nokia, the original charger will cost RM108! Pergi la mampus.


Lepak kat OU. On laptop. Surf internet lagi bagusss....

Adakah saya menggunakan peluang cuti yang diberikan ini dengan penuh manfaat??

Nota Kaki: Ada siapa-siapa nak buat lunch appointment ngan I? hehe


mariam said...

syok btol cuti ek..
biler aku nak cuti lak nih..

aien said...

cess terlambat bace.if not,we can have another lunch date hihi.even though br smlm jumpe,i know u miss me already *gelak2 malu* btw,im going to china for a on sunday.stupid ke x?menghancurkan weekend ku.harus mintak cuti after coming back.kiss to rania hani si tembam itu okayss

HaNi said...

Adakah saya menggunakan peluang cuti yang diberikan ini dengan penuh manfaat??

owh sangat manfaat k.yah. enjoy ur MC. hihi :)

FatiYahh said...

yam: ko pun pernah ape MC tak pasal2.. maca kena campak poyo tu. hehe

aien: wednesday lunch with me nak???? hehe

hani: oh, terima kasih anot. kamu sgt memahami. :)

Naemmommy said...

bestnye dapat cuti. erm hazelnut white coffee is my favourite too. aww nak lunch sama gak tapi jauh sgt la :p

FatiYahh said...

tunggu balik naem, kita pergi mummy outing together gether. heh