Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fine dining is crap!


Saya berazam untuk update blog setiap hari tapi saya yakin esok sampai hujung minggu depan tak akan ada new post dalam blog ini.

Talk about focus and determination.

Anyway, I know that one of my weakness is lack of focus in everything. Like yesterday, I went to Bangsar with the big sis to do threading but only to find out that I left Bangsar with 2 pairs of new tops which is obviously against the promise I made to myself earlier. (Sila pergi Taluga dan terus balik~~cakap dalam hati sebanyak 20 kali) Fokus! Fokus!

Owh owh, and the day before when i promise to myself no fine dining pleaseeee this weekend because I know it will bring a huge damage on our wallet but hey, I end up burping at a full course meal at Itallianese complete with Creame Brulee for dessert just now. Damn!

Like seriously, i really need to learn how to focus.

Muka budak fokus sampai kerut-kerut kening.

NotaKaki: Tahukah anda saya tidak menonton hindustan kerana saya ada masalah hendak fokus pada apa-apa cerita yang lebih dari 2 jam?

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