Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Random Feel Like This

When I wrote this piece, I am actually not in a great shape...mentally..emotionally.

I am angry at so many things. Most of it related to my life and people around me. I am confused over what I wanna do and what I should do. I am felling bitter but I kept it quiet.

I want to write about it but i can't because I know some nosy people who I don't really understand why they are so interested in my life read my blog (duhh).. But not writing it down also make me half mad.

Life is so hard. Don't you think?

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maulana said...

yah pe kate ko tulis kt emel je..
so org2 "tu" x bace..
biar kami je bace..hehe

mariam said...

tepat sekali..
betol la tuh..
aku sokong..