Monday, June 18, 2012

TM Fan Run for 2012 Olympic Games ~ A great bonding Sunday

I have soft spot in anything relates to Malaysia. So when I heard that they were organizing a fun run in support of Malaysia's olympic team, I quickly submit my registration.

This time, only 3km run for me. This is not my 1st fun run tho, my 1st run was loooong ago in 1997! Talk about ancient history.

I spread around the news and quickly gathered a team to run together with me. Most of my friends are already on top of the game (they ran half and full marathon!) so having them around as support is a blessing! I asked my sister, nephew and hubby to tag along as well. Oh well, good things will be more meaningful when we share it, right?

Nephew,Sister,Me and the husband after the run
Gedik gedik before all get wet

The boys

3km clan and serious haze

It was 7.30am when we were at Dataran Merdeka and the park was already full with the supporters. The weather was nice (except for serious haze since it's been a week since the last pour in KL) and the spirit was really awesome. But it was raining when we were few hundreds meters away from the finishing line. We finished the run in style and all wet! Haha.
Sea of people and haze

Before the run all excited

I clocked around 25mins together with my sister at the end of the 3km run (i think). Put the blame on the heavy rain! It makes our soaked attire heavy, making our steps slower. Not to mention the wet shoes & we're freezing! Even fishes can swim in our shoes! But it was fun though. It's been ages since we run freely under the pouring rain. Super happy.

Our next aim is to run half marathon and eventually a marathon in future. Sure it'll take hard work and practices. We'll be there. In the mean time.. Fun run it is!

Notes: You can only said you have run a marathon when you have run a long-distance running race, strictly one of 26 miles and 385 yards (42.195 km).


KiD said...

HYE.. I ALSO WAS THERE..!! hujan lorrr.. all wet.. phhewwwww..

FatiYahh said...


You were there too? Such a fun day right?


KiD said...

yup...! but unlucky missed Ipads and 42 inch TV.. huwaaaaaaaa...
i ran for 3KM only.. hehehee
very good goodies!

but me in The Star yesterday.. hehehehe