Thursday, June 21, 2012

We are trying to eat healthy now.

No joke.

By eating healthy means we try our best to control the nutrient and the calories that we take. Of course it will not always be "perfectly healthy". Come on! But it is better that what we used to eat.

It stared early this year when I tried to slim down a bit but I couldn't accept the fact that I have to starve myself. Exercising is another option but for lazy person like me, it doesn't sound like an option. Hehe.

1st step is, we have to stop dining out because we cannot control what they put in the dishes. So I have to try cooking at home and being a working mom, you already had an idea how busy life is and to cook at home...well, not that we cannot do it but face it, the earliest that we can get off the office is by 5pm or for some people is 6pm. Driving all the way home will take you at least 1 hour, another hour to prepare and clean up before you can eat. That means 3 non-stop hours before you can finally stop and relax. Imagine if we get off the office at 7pm or 8pm? Dine out will be much easier, right? Some of you might nod while reading this. hehe.

Whatever. A women gotta do what she gotta do (to be skinny) right? I tried and being inspired by Jamie Oliver's 30 minutes meal tv show, I succeed in cooking every single day (except when we have things to outside or mum is cooking something so nice we couldn't ignore the call). Talk about achievement.

So, I have this mini album in my facebook showing off all my "masterchef" skills and because I am nice..... heheh.. I am planning to share the recipe here. 1st thing, don't judge. If it suits you, follow. If it's don't, stay away. And please note that everything that I cook takes less than 30 minutes. Easy huh?

My 1st recipe is............

Next post lah. Too long already. And of course I want to keep you coming back for more! :p
I'll give you a hint. Go drool and come back tomorrow for the recipe. hehe.


Dina Sallehudin said...

kak yah, same here. me too trying to eat healthy in hopes of losing those extra pounds.... tapi susahnya!!!!!!! kadang2 tewas jugak membeli A&W... lagi2 i am a SAHM, bila baca post kak yah, rasa mcm there shud be no excuse for me not to cook! hehe.. cook at home, cook healthy, eat healthy! be healthy! yeayyy to homecooked meal!!! good luck kak yah! dina inspired nak kurus mcm akak!!! =)

FatiYahh said...

Oh no Dina! Don't eat fast food if you wanna loose some weight. Ditch that 1st. Hehe.
Tapi kan... akak cuti 2 minggu ni berat tak turun2 sebab asyik makan je. Fridge depan mata. heheh. Kalo kat opis tu at least masa buat kerja tu mmg tak makan.

Anyway, good luck! you can do it!

Nadot said...

Yah..aku gilir2... sehari masak healthy food, 2 hari masak mi goreng ke, asam pedas ke... then masak balik healthy food sehari, 3 hari plak unhealthy balik... aci tak mcm tu?..ishk... ;p

FatiYahh said...

Aci dot..... at least u start somewhere.

Lgpon, ko punya not healthy homecook 100x lebih healthy dr luar.

Nadot said...

waahh..ok ok..bersemangat ni!..heheh