Saturday, June 8, 2013


Okey. Although I am not a 1st time mother but to handle an infant after 5 years, it surely feels like 1st time!

So funny that the 1st night we brought Imaan back home, she cried like every 30 minutes I keep on stuffing her small mouth with my boobs one after another but she keep on crying only to find out that she had pooped and the stools all dried already people! Imagine we took her home around 3pm and around 3am we still haven/t checked her diaper. Hehe. Lousy parents. Isk Isk. After she got changed, instantly she fell asleep and finally mummy & daddy get their beauty sleep too.

You see, it is a different experience all together with every child. At least for me.

Anyway, what's not so different with each and every time you have a child is the amount of unwanted advice and remarks you get with people about how you handle your child. We get that a lot. Some people think they know everything & boy they are irritating! Well this time, I'm a bit well prepared compared to when I delivered my 1st. I gather a good support system and warn them that I'll be whining a lot and please just listen to me and tell me I'm right even if I'm wrong. Hehe. It works! Haha. I feel a lot better this time.

Pantang days are the most challenging days for me. Not the pain of delivery and not even the episiotomy wound! To be at home for 44 days freaks me out. I HAVE to go out and I need my ME time (read: shopping). Selfish? Yes sure but I believe I need to be happy 1st for me to function as good mother, heck a good person! So hiding me in the house for more than a month do no good to anybody around me. But sure we need to comply with the universal pantang rules and not wanting to upset my mother, I give in.

20 days now. Another 14 days to go.

P/S:So tell me. What do you do in your pantang days to keep you sane?

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