Sunday, June 30, 2013

Day 40 : The confinement is over (for me)

I know it should be 44 days but since it's only less than 3 weeks before Ramadhan so I give a bit of discount to my confinement days and decided to go jalan-jalan on my 40th day. Haha. Don't worry we left the baby at home and we only went to PWTC for Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon race kit collection, (and a bit of shopping at Jakel PWTC) not much of jalan pun.

So the thing that I missed the most while serving my confinement was my outfit of the day post at Instagram. Selfie, I know. Just deal with it ok? Bahaha. Cannot help it. I just love to dress up. It's a girl thing ok? Shhhhhhuuhhh.

Anyway, I decided to celebrate the ending of my confinement with ThePoplook blouse that I bought while I was heavily pregnant. It is so gorgeous I cannot let go haha lucky can fit. If not I would've cried blood. This was the 1st time I put it on (okey tipu, i tried it with my huge tummy last time then got upset it didn't fit. Haha. It's hormone I swear!). Okey move on, I really love the blouse for the fact that it hides my post-natal tummy perfectly. I have a feeling that this will be my overused tops for a while. Hehe

As usual, my hijab is from fanacouture. Well actually most of my hijab are from them. Their hijab cutting is so nice and I love their design (also the fact that the owner is my friend bahaha I'm biased like that.) Go check out their web alright?

Till next time! I got a hungry baby to feed. Bye!

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