Monday, June 3, 2013

2nd Born : Raisa Imaan

I thought I am gonna blog religeously during my confinement but boy I was so wrong!

Oh btw, those who does not know yet, I've delivered a healthy baby girl on May 20th, 2013 9.49pm. It was an induced labor because my doctor was going for a long vacation with her family on my EDD and I am so stubborn to deliver with her.

It was a painful and full of drama delivery. Hehe. People said 2nd baby easier to deliver, all lies! Hehe. This one I suffer longer time in the labor room. But it went away just like that after I held her in my arms. Clishe I know.

We named her Raisa Imaan. Princess of Faith in arabic. Through out my pregnancy, I wonder how it is possible to love 2 children at once. I thought that I have given my love whole heartedly to my 1st born Rania.. But God gift is the best. I fell in love again and again with Imaan and finding my heart aching for unconditional
love to Rania. Now I know how it feels.

Rania is doing great as a big sister. She helped me a lot. Just sometimes she want me to held her close and hug her to sleep. I am trying my best to make sure she doesn't feel left behind. She is so close to me before Imaan came around and I intended to keep it that way.

Imaan on the other hand drinks a lot. Poop a lot. And sleep a lot. Hehe. What else can a 14 days old baby do? I am looking forward for her to grow bigger because I am naturally not good with babies. Haha. Their constant need for feeding exhaust me and the sore.. don't get me started on that!

Me? I'm pretty much in a good shape. The delivery wound heals so quickly. My energy level back to normal. Just my emotion is like a yo-yo. One minute I was perfectly fine and another minutes I was holding my tears. But nothing to worry about (i guess) hehe. I keep on reminding myself that this phase with be over soon.

I miss my office to be honest. I miss having to dress up to work, i miss the workloads, and the good times with all my friends. 24/7 with kids at home (especially because the smaller one constantly attach to my breast) is mind blowing. Not even online shopping can make me feel better. Haha.

Weight? Hmm I dare not looking at the scale now. Because I eat like nobody business (which is good!) But I do miss my run. I wish I am in a good shape after my confinement so that I can kick start my run routine as soon as possible.

I think thats pretty much covers all about me and the kiddos. Hopefully I will get my mojo back and start to write again. (Been wishing for that for 3 years now)

Till then! Here's some picture of Imaan and Rania.

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