Friday, July 12, 2013

Designer Diaper Bag, perhaps?

During Rania's times, I don't really bother to have a diaper bag. Well, we used to have one.. I think it's a bag with so many compartments that I use it as a diaper bag. It's purple in color and the material is some cheap PU. But most of the time, I just throw all Rania's stuff into my handbag and we're good to go.

Well, not anymore.

There's no way now that I'm gonna throw Imaan stuff inside my babies. I did it once and I swear my body was sweating and I cringe every time I walk so no no no.

Anyway, earlier I thought of using my Le Pliage bag as a diaper bag for the fact that they do have waterproof interiors and it's roomy not to forget they're durable too. I'm not worried about pockets, I could just place a bag organizer inside and I could find a changing pad on its own. I'm almost 100% certain I'm going to use it instead of buying something new (explains why only now I'm in a hunt for a diaper bag) but then I was hooked when I went online googling about diaper bag and I found this Kate Spade Flatiron Nylon Sophia Grace Baby Bag. I am now contemplating between the stripy or the shocking pink.

I'm in love with another bag from Kate Spade too. The Cabana Tile Harmony Baby Bag. Not so fond of the shape but I like the nice pattern design and the bright color it has.

This one from Coach is also nice. Loving the fact that it is not so "Coach-y" like and the leather handle.

Or maybe I can blackmail the husband about the pain I have to endure giving birth to his kids an ask for this one, perhaps? Hehe.

It's a Burberry Madison Diaper Tote.

So guy, should I get a new diaper bag? Kate Spade or Coach? Stripy or Pink?


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