Sunday, July 7, 2013

I Run Because It's Cheaper Than Therapy : NTV7 Feel Good Run 2013

It's been a while since I feel good about myself.

Don't get me wrong. I love motherhood. Imaan had been great (other than her colic problem) and bring a lot of joy in me but I can't help but feeling a bit tired taking care of her plus my talkative 5 years old 24/7 at home.I really need a break.

I've enrolled to this run quite sometimes ago and during that time, we still have a maid and I thought that we'll still have her now. Long story cut short, she flew back to Indonesia just 2 weeks after I've given birth to Imaan and left us maid-less until now. I'm not so keen on leaving Imaan with my mum alone because I know how clingy and mengada Imaan can be and my mother is not so young anymore you see.. Plus it started at 6 am.. and normally my mum will recite al-quran after her subuh prayer and having to babysit Imaan meaning there's a slight possibility that she can't do her usual routine.. in case Imaan decided to cry all the way and wanting to be held. So I thought.. it's okey. Maybe I should pass this run. There's always next year.

But my husband has been insisting me to run with him and just let my mum took care of Imaan for only a few hours. Talked to my mum and she agreed. So off we go and I really want to thank my husband for insisting on me to run because it does makes me feel good! I feel like myself again.

Picture taking is compulsory upon arriving. This was just before the flag off  and my tummy decided that it has to  pass motion. Bahahha. such a wrong starting point. We end up starting few minutes late.
Out of shape. Body & Fitness level. I swear by this time I can barely breath but still can strike a pose. Such a poser, this lady.
Another poser. Haha. But he'd finished a half marathon once and going for another this sep & nov. Way above me this guy. I hetchu!
During bottleneck route. Cannot run so pose!

Finally this unfit lady finished her 7km in 1 hour 14 minutes. So sure you can imagine how much walking she did. Bahaha. Hey give me some slack okey? i just gave birth. ;p

After sweat coffee. A must! 
My breakie from The Coffee & Co at One Utama before going back to reality.

Anyway, a bit about this run.. 

....Feel Good Run is an annual charity fun run with celebrities, organised by ntv7. The run this year will be held on 7 July 2013 in Bandar Utama. The starting point will be at Sri Pentas, Bandar Utama, while the finish line is at Central Park, One Utama. A variety of activities will be carried out at Central Park where runners and their families are encouraged to join in the fun. - See more at:

We got home around 10 am with pain all over but a big smile inside. Now I can be a better mum. :)

P/S : I got another event later today. Shall blog about it soon!

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