Thursday, July 11, 2013

Little surprise. Big Score.

I always get angry at my husband for not listening. I mean guys do that right! They hear us talking but they don't really listen.

Like the other day, during my confinement, I was telling him how he's too busy doing "unimportant" things and did not spent his time with his wife (I think there was drama air mata involve. Haha) so the next day he go and clean the room (still not spending his time with me) because he knows that I was upset and he thinks that if he makes the room clean I'll be happy. Like... What?? I told you I'm upset because you're not spending enough time with me, so you clean the room? Guys.. Pfft..

So when I received a gift parcel with charms bracelet inside, I was so happy that he pays attention when I constantly taking about charms bracelet. Awwww.. And what's melt my heart the most is some of the charms are purple in color because he remember that I got tons of purple bajus in my closet so he thinks I must be a sucker for purple. Awwww again.

But of course I will be much more in love if he had picked the right shade of purple. Bahahahaha.

I love this guy. Like seriously. I wonder what I do that I deserve someone like him. I'm a lousy wife I tell you.

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