Saturday, April 26, 2014

Get Together ~ The Asia Spa, Modvier & Dip n Dip

It's so hard to hang out with friends frequently now. With all those commitments with work, family, kids, and everything in between, let's face it, hanging out with friends will be at the very bottom of our list. Price to pay of being grown ups.

But yesterday I get the privillage of spending a quality time with my friends. A solid two hours of spa at The Asia Spa, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

It was really nice and by the end of the session, all of us were fully recharged! 

My roomate for 2 hours getting half naked together. Haha. I was wearing a MNG off-white top and a flowery jeans from Jaspal. Love the jeans! 

Missing one of us here. She arrived a bit late and still getting massage and whatnot in the room. To kill time waiting for her let's snap snap!

Went to Bangsar for a shopping trip to Modvier and tea time at Dip n Dip afterwards. 

Yep. Smiling. Wanna know why?

Okey now, drool!

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