Sunday, April 20, 2014

The 2013 Bonus Bag : Part 2 - Coach Madison Christie Carryall Saffiano

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So, my promise of not buying a new bag went to trash and I blame it all on my friend. 

To make sure that she brought home a bag that has an ultimate value of money, we actually went into ALL the designers store at Pavilion. 

Every. Single. Store

Of course, this weak lady had her saliva drooled in every store and by the time we were at Coach, I was kinda ready to buy one and make it my KPI too.

It was an accidental buy I swear. Previously my plan was to save up for the ultimate wish list(s) that I have in mind. Haha. I'm so weak!

By the way, I bought a Madison Christie Carryall Saffiano in powder blue. I am in love with the saffiano leather (who doesn't?) for the fact that it is so easy to maintain. I was initially torn (so classic of me) between it and a Borough bag but I want the one in grey and they don't have it in medium. Plus, my friend said that Borough bag looks so serious and I need something a bit playful. So Madison it is!

Do I love the bag? Hmmm.. Though I love it so much but to be frank, I haven't been carrying the bag often enough to comment. Like I said, I'm pretty much still very much in love with the speedy b so the bag get shoved at the back of my wardrobe till now. But I love the fact that Coach offers nice range of good quality and "affordable" leather handbag.      

But I can safely say that it was a good buy and let's hope that this too will last long enough to be worn as a vintage handbag by my daughters. Hehehe.

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