Sunday, May 11, 2014


At last.. a trip just for the two of us.

I am really looking forward for this trip but at the same time feeling a bit sad & guilty to leave the kids behind. But we both think we really need this trip to recharge our marriage so its's okay because we know we'll leave them in a very good hands of my parents and and my sister. Two kids with day jobs for both of us, I admit, taking care of each other is the last thing that we do. (T_T)

I got married at a young age.. at 24 to be exact and Rania came just a year after. There were no annual anniversary trips or whatsoever to celebrate our marriage as we are occupied with her and to be honest, we don't really got the money to splurge. I am the paranoid one in this relationship and whatever we do, it's for the kids future 1st then only our needs. Alhamdulillah, even without any huge celebrations or even gift, we manage to hold on still. :) I think our ignorance in celebrating anniversaries played it part too. Because we are both sucks at remembering events so no heart feelings for both of us. Haha

Then came Imaan oh boy both of them are pretty handful to deal with haha but alhamdulillah at the same time our hard work paid off and Allah has given us plenty to be grateful for. So now, with the kids future are safely secured, we can splurge a bit and it's time to take extra care and recharge our marriage. :)

We will be 7 years this 1st June. Honestly, we never had a proper anniversary memories together (except the birth of our two kids which co-incidentally near to our anniversary). Yes of course there were dinners and late night movies but we do that a lot even if it's not anniversary so yeah that doesn't count. haha. So we decided, let's do an annual trip. No need to be fancy. No need to be far from home. It can be just a night stay at any hotels in KL but the idea is, it has to be something just for the two of us (though an oversea trip will be preferable, thank you) haha.

But we really have to thank my mum and dad and also my big sister for agreeing (by force) to babysit my kids. We are fortunate that we still have our family so once in a while, we get to be alone. Alhamdulillah for that.

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