Thursday, March 27, 2014

2013 Bonus Bag : Part 1 - Mulberry Alexa

So I told my friends I won't be buying any bag this year as I'm still so much in love with Ms Speedy B. My friends all laugh at me and did not take me seriously. Well, i'm serious! at that least. (-.-")

One of my good friend from the office told me that she is in love with Mulberry and wanted to get one as her bonus bag. I, being a good friend like I always do (when it comes to shopping), offer myself to accompany her. You know.. as an adviser. Hehehehe. 

We set a date, blocked both our calendar and decided to meet up at Pavilion since Mulberry just opened their store there.

The 1st thing she said to me when we met was "I have to go home with a bag or at least a wallet. That's my KPI for today" haha! This girl is so me!

Well, she did not go home empty handed of course.. with the help of this smart adviser. Bahahaha.

She gotten herself an Alexa in soft buffalo leather, classic brown color and do you know how Mulberry don't give any discount for classic color? Not for this! She got it at 20% off! I'm so green with envy! 

Ahhh.. Love. Really looks good on her. 

So, what happen to me? 


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